Better Than Live – Why Animation Is King

If you have spent any amount of time in the sphere of marketing-related communications in the past few years, you will know that communicating your brand’s selling points through video is a booming movement at the moment. There is no sign of it slowing down either – experts are predicting a huge upsurge, even more than what we are experiencing currently – in the use of videos for marketing purposes.

Helping Your Brand Show Off

Did you know that it has been estimated that more than half of all the consumers want their favourite brands to communicate with them through video, rather than any other means? The solution to your marketing dilemma should be getting clearer and clearer – if you already have a follower base, make a video. If you want to reel in more people to your follower base – make a video. Easier said than done? Not always, but in your search for the right company to help you create the perfect marketing video, you will also need to consider how you want the final output to look. With all the budget and aesthetic benefits associated with it, animation is becoming an ever more popular choice for videos of this nature.

What Do You Want to Say, And How?

When you are planning a brand video, you need to not only communicate a message, but you will also have to decide how you want to communicate it.  When weighing up the considerations between making a live-action or an animated video, you need to consider your budget, your aesthetic ideal, and whether the medium is the right way to communicate what you have to say in the first place.

If you are considering an animation video production, you could look forward to the following:

  • Animation video production services remove all boundaries from what topics you can cover, and how you would like to portray them. Unlike live-action settings where you are bound either by location or budget, animation would let you take your video into space, if you wanted to. There are literally no limits to animation.
  • Capturing the imagination. A video featuring a person doing the explaining can be limiting in its scope for execution. With animation, you can add more engaging aspects to boost the viewing pleasure to your video.
  • It is more subtle. Animated videos give you space to add in humour where it would not have been possible in a live-action video.
  • Reach a wider demographic. Animation is neutral and allows you to reach a wider audience without worrying about biases.
  • It is unique.A video is as unique (or not) as you want it to be. If the company you choose to work with does not make use of templates or stock footage, you are guaranteed to end up with a video that does not look like anyone else’s.
  • You can take your pick from many different styles.Animation nowadays does not have to mean just cartoons – it now ranges from linework to CGI, and can be a cartoon, only if that is what you choose. It gives you the freedom to take the best direction for your brand.