Androids Are Becoming More Secured – Fingerprint Sensor In Android Smartphone Coming Soon

It appears like Apple and Google are playing a big tug of war. Yes, indeed the two giants are having a very huge competitive intelligence and advantage. While Apple is creating less expensive phones like iPhone 5c, Google is creating Kit Kat which has similar screen orientation like the Apple. Not only this, even in terms of security both the giants are head to head. While Apple introduced iPhone 5s with fingerprint sensor, the Android’s next smart phone is rumored to be released with finger print sensors.

 Androids Are Becoming More Secured - Fingerprint Sensor In Android Smartphone Coming Soon

Finger print sensors are not alien to us. Finger print sensors are known to us right from bio metric based entry, business based notebook PCs, Laptops, etc. Even a finger print sensor recognizable smart phone was developed by Motorola named Atrix 4G. This was developed way back in 2011 itself. However, this wasn’t long lasting and it was not that error free and comfortable.

With Apple iPhone 5s having the finger print sensor for securing the phone, android also will be releasing its finger print sensor based smart phone soon. While pass codes and passwords are prevalently used these days, users find them to be inconvenient. Although pass codes and pass words are very trust worthy option for security, finger print sensor is more convenient and easy to use on the run. Additionally, finger print sensors improve the user interface and the usability experience.

Androids Are Becoming More Secured - Fingerprint Sensor In Android Smartphone Coming Soon

These concepts are easier said than done. Finger print sensor on smart phone although claimed to be a used concept and easy to implement will take a lot of background work and time. This is not something that will be completed in the eleventh hour. It takes a lot of work and effort. Therefore the mobile app developers have started working well in advance so that the android smart phone with finger print sensor can be released in the end of 2013 or early 2014.

We can expect FIDO alliance based android smart phones that will be equipped with the finger print recognizer. FIDO is expanded as Fast IDentity Online. The FIDO is a non-profit association attempting to deal with the deficiency of interoperability among sturdy authentication devices as well as the problems users face with generating and remembering numerous usernames and passwords.  A team of the more high-flying FIDO members embrace Lenovo and LG.

This concept will be using a public key cryptography similar to RSA, Diffie-Hellman etc. Customers who are expecting a change over should not be bidding goodbye completely to the traditional passwords there won’t be an overnight revolution. Espousal will take time, bugs and errors will have to be fixed out and new customer habits will have to be learned.

Until all these backend work is done, the excited and anxious users should sit and rejoice the traditional password based security since their days are finally numbered. In a couple of months we can expect a total change over in the way we are going to secure our phone and Apps. The day is not too far.