Advantages Of FLV Video Format

FLV is the short form of Flash Video format that is basically used to play animation and videos online. It was first developed by the macro media flash software company that was later acquired by the Adobe. The FLV files brought about a revolution in the online video world and displayed remarkable quality in its videos. Some of the major advantages of this file format are its ability to have high quality files in small sizes, popularity among people and its flexible nature. It can easily be converted to other popular video formats as and when required.

FLV is one of the most popular and highly used video formats in the World Wide Web. In fact it has become the default file format for a lot of social networking, video-sharing, and video database websites. The primary reason that can be attributed to this is the fact that FL videos can be viewed on any browser which uses the Adobe Flash Video player or with any other browser plugin. These days all the browsers come pre-installed with the latest plugins like these that are needed for video playback and one does not really need to worry about anything related to these.

Another positive of this format is that FLV is cross-platform and does not bind itself to it. It can work on Macintosh, Windows as well as Linux. Thus, clearly it has increased areas of application. Apart from this, FLV format has a unique and striking feature that it generates much smaller files without compromising on the quality of the print. On the other hand, other formats do not have such good level of conversion rate and if they do, it is at the cost of quality. Again, it has added advantage over other formats of video.

In terms of speed, these types of files load rapidly even on a very old personal computer with slow internet connection. As far as the reason behind its good sound and video quality is concerned, that is attributed to the video and audio streams being separate. FLV is a streaming video format but it can be downloaded progressively. The complete file does not have to be downloaded in order to just play it and the video can be stopped or started at/from any point. These features make it a highly preferred and convenient format to use.

There are a lot of other formats that exists in the market and FLV files are not always compatible with every device or gadget. Thus, in such a scenario one has to look for video converters to get it converted in some other suitably supported format.  That requires a converter software or online conversion website to make it happen. is a website that converts flv videos into mp3 audios. It has a whole range of options that can be accessed on this website for the purpose of conversion.

In the end, video formats are continuously evolving and see no horizon. Users have to be regular in using these converters to suit themselves and their needs.