staring at your phone at night


How you screw up your body by staring at your phone at night

You can’t help yourself – one last peek at the phone before bed, just in case someone has emailed/posted something interesting. They rarely do, but you can’t stop the addiction – just check Twitter one more time.

Aside from the waste of time that it almost always is, it’s not doing you any good at all. There’s long been talk about the effects of that blue light of your brain and your subsequent ability to rest properly, but this video shows it to be a lot worse than previously thought.

This video, Dr. Dan Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, lays out all of the negative effects bedtime screen viewing can have on the brain and body.

So if you’re looking at this just before it’s time to turn in, turn it off right now, look at it tomorrow.

It’ll wait and your brain will thank you.


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