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How Skills Genius aims to help educators, non-profits, civil servants, and more

I love to share. I’m very forthcoming about who I am, what I’m passionate about, and what my goals are. For example, I have been recently asked to consult on education, technology, and where the two paths intersect. I’m asked on an ongoing basis about ‘best practices’ and ‘top tips’ for making organizations perform better. That’s when I realized that I should probably share some of this knowledge with my peers. That’d be you, wonderful Daily Genius community.

So here’s the deal. I have started compiling what I’ve learned from my experiences into quick, effective, and affordable online courses. A few fellow professionals are also building courses and they’re designed to help those in education, non-profits, the military, civil servants, and more. These are people wildly under-served by the world of online learning.

That’s why we’re building Skills Genius.

The Skills Genius platform was born out of necessity. Over the past few years, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have popped up around the world. They promised high-quality learning for everyone and were being touted as the future of education.

We’re starting small and offering very quick free and low-priced courses. The free ones are just the meat of what you’ll need to learn. The premium low-priced courses (about $9 each) are video-centric and let you get some deeper learning going with the aid of a trusted instructor.

In time, we’ll be adding some truly engaging courses and partnering with some wonderful folks to make that happen. Stay tuned!

Then, it turned out fewer than 15% of all students actually finish a single online course. So MOOCs pivoted to become a place to learn coding and similar skills designed to help people get high-paying jobs or build new apps.

This major shift left extremely important people out of luck unless they wanted to learn to code. That’s why the editors of Daily Genius, education experts (and liberal arts graduates) located around the world, built Skills Genius. It’s an online learning platform that features short (30 minutes to an hour in length) courses that are fun, engaging, and easy to complete.

So, Why Should I Enroll?

You’ll find totally unique courses taught by subject matter experts. This isn’t just another site with courses on how to code or build an app. You’ll find courses that focus on the under-served but vitally important categories like education, non-profits, and the military. We’re expanding these libraries to start and will add on more in the near future!

You can get 1-on-1 live video call support from the teacher. Got a question that isn’t answered by a classmate? Want to have your teacher give you a personalized answer to your specific needs? Skills Genius uses a Hybrid Online Learning Model (HOLM) where you can opt for as much personalized live support as needed. It’s a great way to take your understanding to the next level. Since this live support requires personalized attention, there is a small added fee for this service. At some point, the goal is to integrate into all courses but, for now, thanks for your understanding.

Discounts are available for groups, non-profits, universities, military, and many others. These discounts will work on absolutely every course no matter who teaches it.

You can even request a course. Your course will be created by a subject matter expert. You won’t find that ability anywhere else online.

How Is It Different?

Skills Genius helps those who serve. Simply put, it’s an online learning platform filled with courses you won’t find anywhere else. That’s because it’s tailor-made for those in education, non-profits, and the military.

Better still, Skills Genius utilizes a Hybrid Online Learning Model (HOLM) developed by the online education specialists behind Daily Genius. This pedagogy has been tested and proven to be an effective way to truly deliver information you’ll actually use.

Our hybrid model incorporates asynchronous online learning modules that you can take on your own schedule. It also includes optional real-time 1-on-1 personalized learning where you collaborate with the teacher. This means you have the opportunity to ask questions, network, and develop a relationship with the course teacher. To be frank, it’s a rare opportunity to work alongside individuals who know what you should (and shouldn’t) be doing right now.

The Skills Genius platform is simple to use for course authors and students alike. Authors can easily message students, adjust lessons, track learning progress, and more. Students can monitor their progress with ease, ask questions to fellow students, and a lot more. We’ve worked to create the best online learning experience currently available. You can even download the unique desktop app for incredibly quick access to your courses and learning.

So what do you get if you enroll in a course?

  • Unlimited access to the course plus all future updates to that course
  • The ability to ask and respond to in-course questions
  • Manage your learning with cutting-edge analytics
  • Earn badges and certificates (*coming Winter 2015)
  • Access web app designed to help you learn anywhere
  • The ability to teach a course for the Genius Skills community (earn industry-leading 90% commission)
  • Earn affiliate revenue just for sharing what you’re learning
  • Take and re-take quizzes to test your understanding anytime
  • Get members-only news, guides, deals, and tips via email
  • So much more – this list would go on too long!

Why Should I Enroll?

Because you’ll become the go-to person with the skills that pay the bills. Plus you’ll do all your learning while saving time, money, and having some fun. What could be better than that?!

Best of all, there’s no hidden agenda. Your course author wants to help you learn how to grow your startup. Simple as that. Since Skills Genius thoroughly screens all potential teachers, you can rest assured you’re learning from trusted experts.

Who Should Take A Course?

If you’re looking to grow your professional skill-set and are involved with education, non-profits, civil service, and / or the military, Skills Genius is for you. You’ll learn the skills in demand by all companies, schools, non-profits, governments, and more.

Courses are designed with the Hybrid Online Learning Model (HOLM) which means we work closely with authors and students to ensure you learn on your own schedule but also get personalized 1-on-1 interaction with your course author(s).

Can I Teach A Course?

We have a queue of more than ~450 applications right now thanks to the wide media coverage of the new Hybrid Online Learning Model (HOLM) being employed on Skills Genius.

That being said, we are always looking for subject matter experts who can truly help others. This isn’t your typical online teaching opportunity, though. You’ll need to hold 1-on-1 video chats with students, promptly respond to students, and update your courses on a regular basis. Think you’re up for it? Click here.

Want 50% Off The First Course?

We will be adding courses on a regular basis but – since you read all the way to the bottom of this post, take 50% off one of our first courses by using the code DGHALF on ‘How To Build A Landing Page That Really Works‘

Click here to check out Skills Genius and enroll in one of the free starter courses!

Written by Jeff Dunn

Jeff is an education and technology lover who has worked in far too many industries to count. Okay, like maybe 5 or 6. Jeff can indeed count that high but it’s not recommended. Jeff also likes to write bios in the third-person.

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