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Six podcasts to make you better people in 2017

While the New Year marks an opportunity to better ourselves, it’s hard to keep up the momentum after the good intentions turn into resentment and shame. To help stay on track with those 2017 resolutions, Caitlin Thompson, US Director of Content at Podcasting platform, Acast, will listen to these podcasts, enjoying the community they provide.

Be happier:

Happier with Gretchen Rubin 

Many of us make resolutions to better our moods and have a more positive outlook. At times this can seem like a difficult resolution to set, but Happier is a great podcast to have on hand for assistance.  Gretchen Rubin – bestselling author of The Happiness Project – is joined by her sister to talk about how you can live a happier healthier lifestyle and the importance of forming good habits. Not only will this podcast make you smile, it will provide invaluable lessons to help you maintain a new year, new outlook mentality.

Be more present:

Digital Mindfulness Podcast

Technology is an undeniable part of our everyday lives and while it can be hard to totally switch off, the Christmas holiday often gives us a much needed break from the world of constant communication. Many of us make the resolution to try and switch off more often, but as we return to work in the New Year and immerse ourselves back into the world of endless emails and smart phones, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the digital world. The Digital Mindfulness podcast is key to preventing this. The podcast takes the discipline of mindfulness meditation, and applies it to our digitized world, improving our interaction with technology and helping you manage all elements of the digital world from dividing your work and personal life, to helping you improve concentration and feel less stressed.

Use your time wisely:

Motivation Monday

Let’s face it, no one likes Mondays. That return to work after a restful weekend makes Monday the most challenging and resented day of the week, and makes any resolution you may have made to have a more positive outlook in 2017 fall quickly by the wayside. This weekly podcast aims to change our perception of Monday’s, filling us with the positivity and calm we need to breeze through the dreaded day and the rest of the week. With episodes on everything from tips on how to approach new beginnings, to turning adverse situations into advantages, this is the podcast that will help boost your positive thoughts, leaving you more than ready to tackle the week ahead.

Get (and stay) active:

Another Mother Runner

Portland-based mother of three, Sarah Bowen presents the ultimate podcast for talking all things fitness. Each week Sarah Bowen is joined by co-hosts and guest experts to discuss topics from nutrition and the importance of listening to your body when making food choices, to mental toughness and marathon training. For those who want to take an active step in improving their fitness, or simply for those who want to keep up motivation, this is a great podcast to help keep you on track. 

Make your mark on 2017:

How I built this

For those who are setting out with the intention of making your mark in 2017, whether that be setting up your own business or aiming to have a successful year at work, this is the podcast to bring you constant motivation. Each week, host Guy Raz, speaks to different entrepreneurs and innovators about how they built their ideas and businesses from scratch, and covers the obstacles they faced along the way. From music mogul L.A Reid, to Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Airbnb, this podcast will give you the motivation and knowledge to make 2017 your most successful year yet.

Be better read:

While not an Acast podcast, a great podcast for all those determined to increase their knowledge of literature or perhaps just make more time for themselves to relax is Backlisted. We at Daily Genius love this show.


When we finally get a minute to ourselves, the book lovers among us often find ourselves wondering what book to pick up, while those of us who have struggled to ever finish a book wish we could find one that would hold our attention. 2017 may be the year in which a podcast answers both of these problems. In this brilliant fortnightly podcast, hosts John and Andy, along with a special guest, pick an old book they think everyone should read and talk about why they would recommend it. An informative and useful podcast, this could lead you to finding your favorite book of 2017.

Caitlin Thompson, US Director of Content at Podcasting platform, Acast. 

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