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Seven ways to look after your mental health this spring

Seven ways to look after your mental health this spring

With spring finally here, many of us will think about things such as clearing away clutter, doing a thorough spring clean and storing away our bulky, winter things. However, the spring is also a good time to focus on our mental health, which can take a setback during the winter months, as the days are short and dark, and motivation is low.

With recent research by Harvard University finding that positive thinking can prolong life, here are some tips on looking after your mental health this spring, as well as changing your negative thinking to positive: 

Declutter in and out

Spring is the time most of us will get down to spring-cleaning and decluttering our homes – the same can be applied to our minds. Doing small things like decluttering your email and unsubscribing from irrelevant subscriptions can make your digital life a lot easier. Similarly, keeping a calendar of reminders and an effective to-do list at hand will stop you from feeling stressed. The more information you keep outside of the mind (in apps or calendars), the more decluttered and calm your mind will be.

Look for beauty

A great way to change your mind-set and be more positive in spring is to look at something beautiful. It is guaranteed that in the course of any spring day, you will come across numerous beautiful things – trees blooming, the warm breeze, the smell of fresh grass, or even the happy face of your loved one. Take the time to find something beautiful whenever you start to feel blue and look at it for a few moments – it is almost certain that you will feel better after.

Use all of your senses

As we wake up after the winter months, this is a great tip to help you achieve new things. Whether you want to get out and exercise more or simply take on a new project, this is a good way to motivate yourself and be more present. Focus on how warm the air feels, the smell of fresh grass and even how much more energised you feel as the days get longer. Engaging all the senses will make you feel more present and positive about whatever it is that you are doing.

Change your body language

Whenever we feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to do, or worry about any given situation, you might subconsciously tense your body, which in turn signals to your mind that you are stressed. Instead, make a point to stand up straight, breathe in deeply and expand your chest – this will signal to your brain that you are strong and full of energy, making you feel more positive.

Change your inner dialogue

Your inner dialogue is a constant presence and it has been estimated that you have about 60,000 thoughts a day. As your inner monologue happens, you shouldn’t be afraid of questioning your thoughts. Instead of thinking ‘I will never be able to finish everything that needs doing today’ think ‘what can I do to finish what is important?’ – this will encourage you to think in a more positive way.

Imagine success

Many successful people across the world use the power of imagination to become more positive and achieve success. Whenever you are faced with a big task, close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine the best possible outcome and how it makes you feel. Holding on to this feeling can make you more optimistic in achieving success and more likely to succeed.

Track your mood

There are plenty of apps, such as my own Remente, that allow you to track your mood. The beauty of this is that it helps you learn about the things that make you happy and others that might make you sad. Knowing how certain factors make you feel will help you steer away from negativity and towards being more positive.

David Brudö’ is the CEO and Co-Founder of personal development and mental wellbeing app Remente, a free-to-use personal development platform for individuals and businesses. The app combines psychology with brain and mental training to help users reach their full potential, complete personal goals, and lead a healthier lifestyle. Available to download on iOS and Android.

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David Brudö

David Brudö is the CEO and Co-Founder at personal development and mental wellbeing app Remente.


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