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The five best productivity tools to achieve your business goals


The five best productivity tools to achieve your business goals

The five best productivity tools to achieve your business goals

You can find an infinite number of tips online on how to be improve your productivity, but often not all of them apply. That’s mainly because the reasons for striving to become more efficient differ from person to person.

However, the ultimate goal of streamlining workflows can be summed up in these 3 intertwined categories:

  • Earn money
  • Save time
  • Preserve energy

In order to achieve these goals, you first need to have the right mindset. Define your priorities, focus on them, and don’t let anything distract you from the tasks you need to accomplish. A job that should take only an hour of your precious time can become a full-day nightmare if you don’t resist the urge to check your social media accounts in a browser tab or play games on your smartphone before you’re done.

The development of technology has brought us compelling innovations that can easily draw our attention away. Yet, at the same time it has provided us with numerous tools to fight procrastination and get high-quality results faster.

That’s why we’ve decided to present you with 5 best productivity tools that can help you organize your assignments better, automate boring and time-consuming tasks, and ultimately achieve your business goals more efficiently.

Able2Extract Pro 12
When you need to deal with PDFs, there’s not much Able2Extract Pro 12 can’t do.

This cross-platform desktop software (Windows, Mac, Linux) can create PDFs from more than a dozen of popular file formats and password protect them, accurately convert PDFs to editable formats, edit them without conversion, and much more. This new version comes with the ability to insert Bates numbering, fill, create, and edit PDF forms, and even batch convert entire folders in just a few clicks.

The most powerful and useful feature of Able2Extract is its PDF to Excel conversion. You can extract tables from PDF files even if they are surrounded by text. The Custom PDF to Excel option lets you manually control conversion options (rows, columns, headers, footers, and more) and preview results before you hit that convert button.

Asana is a powerful project management tool. You can use it on the web, as well as on the go by installing the Android or iOS application on your smartphone or tablet.

Projects inside Asana consist of main tasks and subtasks to which you can assign a person, deadline, and other details. Chats are available on every level of a project and the calendar feature can give you a clear overview of due dates. You can also integrate 100+ services with Asana such as email, communication, development, file storage services, and more.

Asana’s developers have made sure that the app is user friendly, easy to use, and highly visual in order to make teamwork hassle-free and projects run smoothly. With Asana you can keep track of each piece of work in one place and consequently drive better results.

Freshbooks is an online accounting and invoicing tool developed with freelancers and small-business owners in mind. iOS and Android applications are also available when you need to track expenses, send invoices, and manage payments on the go.

Overall, the design of the software is superb, making Freshbooks simple, intuitive, and easy to use. You can automate various tasks, schedule reminders, reuse invoice templates, and thus save even more time for the actual work that will make your business grow and prosper.

You can define projects in Freshbooks as well–set a project name, assign people to work on it, set due dates, and define a budget for it. Ideas and comments can also be shared within the project, which makes Freshbooks a great tool for team collaboration.

Microsoft Office 365
Besides its best-known Office suite apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Microsoft Office 365 also features tools for email, calendar, collaboration, business intelligence, project management, and more.

You can use Microsoft Office 365 applications online (browser, cloud-based apps) or offline (desktop software). They give you the ability to work on smartphones and tablets as well. Applications are automatically updated to protect users from security risks and to provide you with the latest features available.

Microsoft Office 365 is probably the most comprehensive productivity-boosting solution. Whether you’re student or large company CEO, you’ll find a perfect fit for your needs among various monthly and yearly subscription plans.

Nebo is an application that can turn your tablet into a smart piece of paper. If you prefer to take handwritten notes instead of typing them with a keyboard, this tool can help you get the best of both worlds by recognizing the words you write and turning them into searchable and editable digital text. Furthermore, it can convert hand-drawn objects into vector shapes and solve equations.

The app supports handwriting recognition for 59 languages and runs on iOS, Windows, Android, and Chrome OS. Its user interface is localized in 11 languages. Keep in mind that in order to use it, you’ll need a touchscreen and an active pen.

These 5 tools can help you with almost every aspect of your productivity chase. It may sound counterintuitive, but we suggest you spend some time learning how to use them instead of just sticking with the same old workflows that hamper your productivity.

We promise–it’ll pay off big time.

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