The quick guide to using Pinterest in education


You’ll know Pinterest, the social network which allows you to share and comment on visual material, which could be photographs, sketches, videos or web pages. It’s a visual scrapbook, an aggregation tool – and, usefully, there are no copyright issues either. In fact, sharing from other people’s websites is the whole point.

Content is organised around boards, split into themes. In education, you can use it to:

  • Compile content – words, pictures, audio, video…
  • Organise and store ideas
  • Connect and comment on students’ work
  • Make connections with other teachers and get ideas for future projects
  • Create group projects: community boards can be perfect for collaborative projects

To understand how to get the best from Pinterest, this, from WorldWideLearn, is as handy a graphic as you’ll see, on how and where to deploy it best.

Written by Jimmy Leach

Jimmy Leach is a digital consultant, working with clients in the UK, USA and UAE. And places which spell out their names properly too.

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