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5 reasons to use world builders like Minecraft in the classroom

We know our students love world builders like Minecraft in the classroom but should we acknowledge them as powerful learning tools for the classroom? Here are some ways you can use World Builders to enrich and upgrade student learning experiences.

Creative Writing

When students create worlds they often feel a greater capacity to describe what they have created. This can be harnessed in the writing process as students build a story around a world that they have created.

Conceptual Learning

The big ideas and concepts that exist in our world like sustainability, change and diversity can be studied and analysed through World Building Apps like Topia. They allow for the introduction of fictitious species and give users the power to modify natural environments. What better way to study cause and effect than in a virtual simulation where students can modify the conditions.

Effective Assessment

Using world builders to demonstrate knowledge on Scientific Topics such as the ‘Water Cycle’ allows students to think about the topic on a deeper level. In this example students create a water world demonstrating their knowledge of water sources.

Authentic Mathematics Learning Experiences

Measurement, Shape and Number can be used with purpose in World Builders like Minecraft and Eden. Area, Perimeter, Volume become more authentic when students are applying knowledge through building and construction tasks.

Fosters Creativity

There is no better way to foster creativity and creative thinking than with a blank canvas! Allow students to build, solve real life problems and think differently whilst using a World Builder as a tool for new ideas and innovations.

Paul Hamilton is Head of Learning Technologies (Primary) at MFAC, International Keynote Speaker and founder of iPad Monthly.

Written by Paul Hamilton

speaker, teacher, developer, philosopher, mentor, consultant, ADE, AR, coding kids, ibeacon, wearables, edtech advocate. Author of iPad Monthly.

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