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6 little-known Google tools you should try today

Not going to mince words here. Google is taking over just about every facet of your personal and professional life. Their ecosystem is a highly advanced slippery slope where you use one of their products and quickly find yourself ensnared. You use their search, then check your Gmail, then whip up a quick document on Google Drive, and pretty soon you find yourself integrating their technology into your office. That’s because they offer FREE enterprise solutions. It’s intense. However, it’s become quite clear that Google is good at more than just making major apps for large numbers of people. They actually crank out niche software that’s little-known and not used as often as, say, Google Drive.

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In an effort to shed some light on these apps (all free, per usual), the Daily Genius team gathered up our digital flashlights and pointed them all around Google’s elaborate ecosystem. Below are just some of the many offerings you should try out today.

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These little-known Google tools are incredibly powerful and each one would probably be enough for a single startup to build. But this is Google. So it’s all free and all works (mostly) with your other Google apps. Enjoy!

Get The Real Story With Google Public Data Explorer

When you see a report on the news that offers statistics about something, are you a bit skeptical? Do you wonder if those numbers are actually correct or if they’ve been manipulated to serve someone’s particular purpose? For example, how many statistical factoids do you believe during an election season? What about on infographics? If you want to find out if some data is accurate and if other data is complete nonsense, head over to the Google Public Data Explorer. It’s a fascinatingly powerful tool that gets little (to no) press on the web. This tool lets you dive into large amounts of information on just about any topic you wish. Great for research or for simply trying to uncover the truth about anything you wish!

Get Your Business Online (GYBO)

This site is a simple step-by-step resource for anyone looking to get their business or organization appearing in Google’s search results. In case the name of the website didn’t make that clear. The funny part about why this is such a little-known site is because it actually doesn’t even look like it’s a site run by Google. It looks more like an average company page where their main goal is to get you to appear in search results. There are boatloads of SEO companies out there and Google’s apparently trying to beat them to the punch. This one’s definitely worth a look if you want to get your business, event, or organization appearing in more than just search results. There are step-by-step guides to getting you to appear in Google Maps, Google+, and more.

 View All Google Fonts At Once

The Google folks have created an innovative way to display custom fonts on websites and other online documents. It’s a service called Google Fonts and you can do quite a lot with a handy site that’s free to use. Want to spice up your Google Drive document or perhaps try out a new font on your website? Head over to Google Fonts and see how every word you’re going to type looks in every font. Very cool.

Google Keep: A Powerful Digital Notepad

Want to jot down an interesting thought you had while on the go? Never wanted to set up an Evernote account or just looking for something a little more powerful than the built-in notepad app on your phone? Try out Google Keep. You can make a bunch of various lists and share them with others. It’s a great way to stay organized.

Explore The Universe With Google Sky

You know those Google Street View cars that are constantly circling your block? Well, Google has basically taken that technology and pushed into into space. With Google Sky, you can explore the universe using microwave, infrared, and historical images. It’s like Google Maps for space. This is a great tool for any science teacher or student to try out. Just try finding the Big Dipper and see what happens next!

Great For Entrepreneurs: Think With Google

There’s a handy tool that Google provides for anyone interested in growing their business no matter how large or small it may be. The Think With Google site brings a regular dose of informative insight about trends that Google is seeing. They have a useful newsletter there you should sign up for. It can be tailored to cover your interests, too. Should be a great way to come up with some interesting new blog posts, marketing campaigns, or other outreach your business, organization, or non-profit could benefit from.

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  1. I just wanted to note that you cannot currently share notes in Google Keep. They’ll sync across your devices, but there is no way to share them directly with someone from the app. You can screenshot, copy/paste, etc, but like I said, no native sharing yet.

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