little bit math will help fix wobbly table


This little bit of math will help you fix a wobbly table

Let’s say you walk into a restaurant on a first date and want absolutely everything to go perfectly. This is the one. This is the perfect person you want to potentially spend the rest of your life with. You sit down and start patiently awaiting your date’s arrival.

Then you lean on the table and it’s annoyingly wobbly. It’s just a bit too short on one side or perhaps too long / dented on another side. What do you do? How can you quickly fix a wobbly table? Why, with math of course!

Lucky for your, Professor Matthias Kreck from the University of Bonn has a solution for you. He’s published a lengthy research paper and there’s even been a robust Reddit discussion on this. Be sure to check out both those links to learn more – if this video isn’t enough for you.

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