how you can help your pupils posture

How you can help your pupils’ posture

We’ve spoken before about the stresses and strain being put on young people by their lifestyles – and there’s every reason to assume it’s getting worse.

Hunching over mobile phones, sitting badly while using laptops, and not paying enough attention to workstations and deskspace all contribute to poor posture and the associated health issues that can create.

So, next time, you’re in the playground, classroom or heading in to school, look at the posture of those shuffling in. As the kids potter to school, the chances are the majority will be glued to their smartphone, with their shoulders hunched and their necks strained.

Chances are, you’ll be hunched over a laptop or phone reading this – the gadget-driven lifestyle is starting to degrade our health rather dramatically. Bad posture can be a symptom of that, but also a cause – if you have bad posture, your muscles have to overwork to support you and they will slowly weaken or become inflexible – this can lead to health problems and poor mood.

So take a look at this, from Murat Dalkilinç, a Turkish physiotherapist, where he explains the health issues associated with posture, and how you can tackle it.

And sit up straight while you watch.


Nikki Sturzaker is an osteopath in South London.

Written by Nikki Sturzaker

Osteopath in Streatham, South London. Treating back, joint and muscular pain.

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