Self-Care in 2020

Self-care is a watchword of the wellness community, but its meaning has become somewhat diluted and distorted over time, until it’s begun to seem like you can only say you’re performing an act of self-care if you’re soaking in a candle lit, instagrammable bath of performed oils.

In reality, self-care is simply the process of taking action to preserve your health, physical and mental. For some, it may indeed be relaxing in a deep hot bath, but what makes self-care for you depends on the specific challenges you face and what, specifically, helps you face them. Depending on the person, self-care might be making sure you have time to run or swim several times a week, going over your medication for the week ahead to make sure you don’t miss an important dose, spending time in the garden, or getting out of town to walk in the countryside.

Today we’re taking a look at some things you can do to improve your self-care in 2020, from new trends to existing old standards.

Is CBD Right for You?

One of the most exciting trends in wellness currently is the spread of CBD products as per Since being found by the WHO to have no “potential for abuse” (that is, while being derived from Cannabis, Cannabidiol isn’t addictive, psychoactive or an intoxicant), it’s appeared on shelves in health food shops chemists and online retailers like Dayzed across the world.

Lots of promises surround CBD, some of them more credible than others. The ones that seem to carry the most weight are that CBD can help people manage chronic pain, and that it can help with mental health issues like depression, low mood and anxiety – though in no cases should experimenting with CBD replace a visit to the doctor if you’re concerned about your mental or physical health. Moreover, depending on the desired outcomes, the dosage of CBD products, such as CBD oils for example, can be adjusted. You can learn more about how to use CBD oil as part of your self-care toolkit by taking a look at some of the resources on the Royal CBD website here:

Furthermore, researching a few different CBD brands online can help you to determine which CBD products might be best for your needs. For example, if after comparing your options you decide to opt for CBD oil go with Blessed CBD or another trusted brand that supplies CBD oils. This way, you can be sure that you will be purchasing high-quality CBD products.

Getting Outdoors

Simply committing to getting outdoors more can provide huge benefits in your health and state of mind – though again it’s not a substitute for a consultation with your doctor and any medication they might prescribe.

Getting outdoors offers free exercise, with no gym subscription necessary: you don’t even have to run, a regular brisk walk can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and builds your stamina for more exercise in future!

Getting outside can also improve the depth and quality of your sleep, and improve your mood – if only by changing your routine and helping to pay attention to something new. Pairing your outdoor time with some simple gardening work can help as well, as you can see the results your efforts have and even eat them, if you grow some tomatoes! This simple feedback is very rewarding and can help to improve your mood. Your outdoor time could be an important part of your self-care in 2020!