Healthy Diet For Londoners: TOP 9 Restaurants Of Natural Food

London is progressive city from the point of view of variety of fresh food and high quality products. In spite of this, London was not the healthy food sample before. Everything has changed the latest years. You can see the new impressive cafes, juice-bars or rawatarian restaurant every next week. Londoners are fond of yoga, meditation, healthy dieting. They do not go to the pub on Friday’s evening, but get ready to the new race.

London is really advanced city in the world of gastronomy. The city restaurants have 62 Michelin stars. The number of new attractive food proposals impresses the most. What do you like, haute cuisine restaurant or popular gastronomic pub? London is rich in not only Michelin restaurants and traditional British pubs but health food cafes where the word tasty is the synonym to the word healthy. So, it would be great to hire a car in London and visit at least three-four of them to compare.

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Daylesford Farmshop & Cafe

44B Pimlico Road, London

The history of one of the biggest farm of London – Daylesford Farm is more than 30 years. The farm grows the best and selected fruits, vegetables, meat and milk products. The farm built up the cafe, where the visitors can try traditional British organic dishes and interesting new things to surprise their guests. Daylesford Cafe has got more than 30 national and international awards. The assortments of dishes continue growing.

Do you like cooking? If you want to learn cooking, especially if you want to cook something tasty and healthy, welcome to visit local master classes from the Daylesford cuisine school. The experienced masters will tell you about the cooking specific to make organic and tasty food. Everything is not as difficult as you think.

Natural Kitchen

77/78 Marylebone High Street, London

The cafe of organic food is traditionally called Natural Kitchen. It was opened in 2007 in form of a little shop of farm products. People like visiting this place. So, obviously, the shop was rebuilt in for of cafe and later, the restaurants of fresh food. You can see the Natural Kitchen personnel running over the farm market go and there in search of fresh food every morning. They take just fresh products for their 100% natural dishes.

The restaurants from the Natural Kitchen are situated in the four city regions. They are: Marylbone, Baker Street, Trinity Square and Fetter Lane. Nevertheless, if you want to visit that particular place where the business was started many years ago, you should start your food guide from the cozy shop and cafe in Marylebone High Street, 77/78.


The Duke of Cambridge

30 St Peter’s Street, Islington, London

The Duke of Cambridge is usually called the first and the only one pub in Britain. It was opened in 1998 to be the first restaurant in London that accented natural ingredients and organic food. In spite of numerous reconstructions for the late 16 years, the philosophy of this pub is still the same. The tasty dishes are made of natural ingredients. You can choose something of season menu, the big choice of fresh home-made bakery, sea food, fish that is was bought from the local fishermen.

Bumpkin Notting Hill

209 Westbourne Park Road, London

Four stores of the tastiest dishes and cozy interior are waiting for you. Everything is done well here, including traditional English breakfast, lunch sandwiches, crispy bacon and mushy peas. If you are planning to book a table in the restaurant for business meeting or family party, Bumpkin Notting Hill offers a lot impressive platforms and special menu to order.

The Good Life Eatery

59 Sloane Avenue, London

There is a crazy eatery in the London region that was founded by two young entrepreneurs and best friends. The eatery is situated not far from the South Kensington station. It was opened in 2013 to be the most popular healthy restaurant food in London. Look at the menu! The list of dishes proves that tasty food can be useful: variety of salads, soups, tasty bakery. The restaurant bar offers fresh juices and protein smoothie for your choice. Londoners come to eat here for lunch and breakfast. If you do not have enough time for lunch or dinner, The Good Life Eatery delivery service is always on guard to take it to your home or office.

Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

Tibits Restaurant

12-14 Heddon Street, London

This is stylish, roomy vegetarian cafe in the center of London (not far from the popular Regent Street), where you can take a break from your shopping and have a quick bite to eat. The ready-to-eat dishes are situated in the center of the hall with the special sign – for vegans, gluten- and dairy-free, giving opportunity to all visitors to fill your dish with what you like. The menu is different.

Mildreds Restaurant

45 Lexington Street, London

Meet new vegetarian restaurant in the region of Soho. It offers international menu and organic food. This restaurant exists for 30 years because of tasty food and pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant is popular for vegetarians and meat eaters.

Wild Food Cafe

14 Neal’s Yard, London

The restaurant is situated in the central region of Covent Garden, where you can try the best vegetarian and vegan dishes in London. The cafe owners are fond of healthy dieting for years, including food and ancient practicing of yoga, meditation, Chinese medicine, philosophy. The dishes are made of creative ingredients to be the real masterpieces. The menu is going to be changed every week. The main dishes are emphasized with desserts, juices, smoothie.


Nama Artisan Raw Foods

110 Talbot Road, London

There is one more interesting and pleasant restaurant for rawatarians. Do you like raw food? You may try the raw version of spaghetti, lasagna, pizza, Thai curry and sushi. You should try salad made of kale leaves. You will remember it. What is for dessert? You may try blueberry cheesecake. The guests of the restaurant are always interesting and colorful Londoners. Come here for dinner and you will see!