Best Water Purifier for Home

Drinking clean water is very essential for you and your family, as drinking impure water might cause various water-borne diseases. Therefore, consume only purified water to stay healthy. Buying the correct water purifier is however a challenge. A water filter or water purifier for home must be bought after considering many factors. You must have enough knowledge of the products available in the market or it is very difficult to buy best water purifier.

In order to lead a healthy life, it is very important to drink clean and pure water. The quality of water is depreciating in many metropolitan areas. You will find pesticides and harmful bacteria that cause diseases in impure water. Some of them are even fatal. If there are young kids at home, then selection of the right water purifier becomes even more important.

There is no such specific answer to which purifier is better, it all depends upon the type of water that is supplied to your place and what all are your requirements. Different types of water filters are offered by the market. Each filter also differ in the process of water purification. Understanding the features of each type of water filter is necessary for being able to select the right water filter. The three common filters that are available in the market are Reverse osmosis or RO, ultraviolet or UV and ultrafiltration or UF. Every water filter will have its merits as well as demerits, but the one you are selecting must fulfil all your needs properly.

Benefits of using water purifier for Indian homes:

1.     A water purifier will provide you with clean and safe drinking water.

2.     It filters about 99% of the germs, bacteria, pesticides and chemicals. These germs cannot be killed simply by boiling water.

3.     The technology used in a water filter is latest and so it removes all the harsh industrial chemicals that are dissolved in water. This also helps in preventing unwanted diseases.

4.     The technology has improved; you can easily get water filters at a low cost so that it is beneficial to the marginal income people as well so they can enjoy clean water too.

5.     Most families are supplied an underground water supply that is hard. RO water purifier, however, reduces its hardness and makes it soft as well as safe for drinking.

6.     Water filters that have TDS controller, helps in keeping a check on the quality of water and gives you the best water that is even safe for drinking.

When it comes to the health of your family, every decision that you take is crucial, and buying the best RO water purifier is necessary. Water that is pure and fresh and is free from any contamination will keep your family free from any diseases. Comparing various filters is very necessary before selecting one, especially when you have kids at home. Before buying any water purifier for home you must keep certain factors in mind, they are;

·      Water Quality

·      Checking of Water Contamination

·      Storage Capacity

·      Maintenance

·      Warranty and Certification

The water condition of rivers in India is deteriorating. Rivers are however the primary source of water even for drinking. Government is doing everything to make the water safe as well as clean; it is even our responsibility to maintain the cleanliness. There have been cases where children who are under the age of five die suffering from cholera and diarrhoea or even other water-borne diseases caused due to contaminated water.

These are all the reasons for using water purifiers for Indian homes in order to get safe and clean drinking water.