giving teachers to licence unleash their creativity


Giving teachers licence to unleash their creativity

The value of an education system lies in its teachers. That much is obvious. But too often teachers are burdened by the system that they operate in – the confines of the curricula they teach, the need for obvious educational outcomes and the need to show a continuous upward curve on the exam results to show ongoing improvement.

In such stressful situations, creativity can be easily stifled, but that creativity is essential is teachers are to engage and inspire their pupils.

The RSA seems to be spending a lot of its time these days pondering the issue of creativity, and this video is one example of that, offering its take on how we can unleash creativity among teachers, exploring the idea of recasting teachers as designers.

Tom Sherrington’s essay neatly sums up this approach – ‘Design is a form of creativity that suggests deliberate, planned innovation built on a foundation of research-informed professional wisdom’.


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