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How to get a new job in a digital world

You want a new job? LinkedIn. Job done.

That’s it, right?

Well, not quite (obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t be bothering with this page). More and more, people are measured through their digital footprint. What happens when a potential employer Google’s them? Do they find good stuff, or bad? When they move on to a candidate’s social media profiles, will they find venomous, foul-mouthed diatribes on Twitter? Drunken partying on Facebook and Instagram? And when they do hit those LinkedIn profiles, will they show someone who can’t keep a job down for 5 minutes and has a range of experience wholly out of line with what’s on the CV?

All this, and more needs consideration. While the web makes it easier for you to find jobs, it also make the competition for those jobs more intense. Over 90% of recruiters plan to make more use of social media to recruit, and 80% have already recruited via that route.

So don’t just iron your best interview suit, get some spit and polish on your online persona, with these tips from the UK’s Brighton School of Business and Management.

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