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How to Get Free Computers for Schools

There’s much discussion about putting technology in classrooms, what options are best, and how to best employ hardware, software, apps, and other web tools. While all of these are completely valid discussions, it can be easy to forget that for many schools and classrooms, there is a bigger issue at hand – how can you get the technology in the first place. Whether your school or district is underfunded, or you simply don’t have enough devices for the number of students in your class, know that there are other options for you to find free computers for schools.

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We’ve put together a list of a few different options that may help you bring free or low-cost computers to your classroom. Some of the listings are for specific locations only, others may require a bit of searching and digging to find the right place in your area. We’ve tried to make some notes on each listing below, but the information is not at all exhaustive!

It’s important not to overlook the obvious: there is no super simple, easy way to get free stuff. Free computers are not going to rain from a cloud above your school just because you need them to. Many of these organizations have an elaborate process you’ll need to go through to get the devices you want, or you may need to do a sizable amount of legwork to organize a crowdfunding or donation/recycling campaign. If you find you don’t qualify for some of the programs, there’s another route that you may want to explore: ask around. Many local businesses get rid of their electronic equipment pretty regularly. Contact as many as you need to – there are a lot that would be willing to donate the devices to a school within their own community, but they may not know that the students even need them! When in doubt, ask!

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How to Get Free Computers For Schools

Computers for Classrooms – (in California only)

World Computer Exchange

Interconnection (Seattle area)

PCs for People


Computers for Learning

National Cristina Foundation

Computer Recycling Center (Bay area)

Microsoft Registered Refurbishers


Crowdfunding and Grants

Crowdfunding campaigns and grants are other options to help you get what you need for your school or classroom. They’ll require some time, effort, and coordination on your part, but may bring some cash flow for your student’s electronic needs.

Digital Wish

Donors Choose

Funding Factory

Corning Foundation


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