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How to find highly relevant Twitter chats

Whether you’re a Twitter newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s something you should know. It’s not all about your tweets or even the tweets your followers are posting.

In fact, one of the most effective ways to learn about anything is to seek out relevant Twitter chats. These are centered around a particular topic idea and involve the usage of a hashtag.

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There are millions of people actively tweeting every day. Many are writing and sharing information about your particular interest, industry, or passion. How amazing is that?

So where is a Twitter user to start? Well, how about this Daily Genius post? We’re sharing a few useful methods of seeking out the best ways to discover Twitter hashtag chats since it’s actually not that easy on the platform. The best you can do is perform some creative searching and clicking on a few various hashtags that seem relevant.

However, most Twitter hashtag chats are shortened acronyms that you might not immediately think are about your topic of choice. So some in-depth research is in order. Don’t worry, it’s worth the effort. You’ll end up learning a lot and joining a (likely) vibrant online community of people interested in and talking about a topic you love. What’s better than that?

Without further ado, here are some of the more useful ways to discover new Twitter chats about just about any topic. Got another way? Share it down in the comments or by mentioning @DailyGenius on, where else, Twitter! We’ll retweet you ?

This Google Spreadsheet

With more than 100 different Twitter chats as well as weekly meeting times, this is the Google Sheet you’ve been looking for. Bookmark it, download it, add it to your Google Drive as soon as you click on it. You never know when it’ll be updated but it’s quite reliable and a good way to keep tabs on chats happening at various times.

Cybraryman’s Educational Twitter Hashtags

This is a great go-to resource for anyone involved in education. Cybraryman has hudnreds of hashtags listed but there is a separate ‘schedule’ on a Google Sheet here that lists the times for each one meetings. Great for discovering relevant hashtags, though!

Gnosis Arts

Love wikis AND Twitter? Well then this is the resource for you. You can browse all the chats by name, day of the week, and add your own Twitter chats providing they’re not already listed.

Twubs Chat Schedule

This one has a bit of a ‘timeline’ feel and it’s a great way to discover new chats that you might not be actively seeking out. Like the Gnosis Arts option, you can add in your own chat and update the listing provided you are running that chat.

Tweet Reports

Like the Google Sheet above, the Tweet Reports site is a table-based option with a HUGE number of chats. It’s easy to organize / sort all the listings by topic, day, and time. Easy as pie.

Add Your Favorites!

There are a slew of other ways to discover new hashtag chats. Add your favorite resources (not just the actual hashtag) below in the comments!

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