Panoramic View: TOP 11 Viewing Platforms Of The World

It must be very interesting to climb the high building and look at the big city from the bird’s eye view. You can find high viewing points in the every big city. They are usually located in the top of the roofs, hills, skyscrapers, restaurants. Some of these points are unique, offering to see the city from the round up panorama. This is a chance to see the beauty of the city as it is.

Burj Khalifa Viewing Point, UAE

The guests of Dubai used to visit excited viewing point at Burj Khalifa skyscraper. The building is 828 meters high to have 163 floors. Actually, there are many viewing points here situated at different height. The highest of them is 555 meters high. This viewing platform is located in the floor 148. The view is amazing. All the rest of the city skyscrapers seem to be very low. There is one interesting feature: the big part of the viewing point is in the open air. So, you have the opportunity to admire the view of Dubai from the outside.


Skydeck Chicago Viewing Platform, USA

This viewing point is located on the top of the Willis Tower in Chicago. This tower is the highest building in the territory of the USA. It is 443 meters high. There are 110 floors on the building. The viewing point is situated on the 103 floor. More than millions of people come to visit this place every year.

CN Tower, Canada

The viewing point CN Tower is located in Toronto. It is placed on the last floor of the TV tower. It is 365 meters high. You can get there by elevator. The view platform is open air. You can also get there in the context of the excursion group of EdgeWalk attraction. It must be interesting.

Sky Tower, New Zeeland

The view point Sky Tower is the highest view platform in Oakland. It is 220 meters high. You can see the view for 80 kilometers around. This is still the favorite attraction for the city guests. Sky Tower is the TV tower in Oakland that is 328 meters high. This is also the highest construction in the country. The tower was built in 1997. The viewing points are available for visiting from the first days of their opening.

Skybridge View Point, Malaysia

The amazing viewing point under the poetic name Skybridge is available for visiting in the heart of Malaysia. The name of this platform speaks about its main feature – this is the glassy bridge that is 452 meters high. This glassy construction is the part of the unique architectural complex Petronas. The two towers are connected with the beautiful bridge on the 41st floor.

Skybridge Petronas XOKA0229bs

Oriental Pearl Tower, China

The viewing point of china is situated in Shanghai to be the highest in the world and third high building in Asia. It is 468 meters high. Of course, the most popular viewing platform of the city is situated right here. The tower is the most exciting places to get some rest in the city. There is a restaurant with the running hall that is placed on the height of 267 meters. There is also a bar and dancing platform.

Sky Tree, Japan

Sky Tree in Japan is the highest TV tower in the world. It is located in Tokyo to be 634 meters high. If you like to see the city from the bird’s eye view, you may visit three viewing. One of them is situated on the height of 450 meters. This viewing point is spirally formed. You can get there by glassy lifts. The a speed of them is 10 meters per second.

Tokyo-Hotaru (Asakura-Narihira, Tokyo, Japan)

Marina Sky Park, Singapore

The viewing point Marina Sky Park is considered to be the most unusual viewing points in Singapore. It is situates on the roof of the fashionable hotel Marina Bay Sands. This is the big territory where you can find the huge hotel, terraces, dining zone and bar. The resting zone looks like the ship deck. The elements are made from the natural materials and plants. It is very pleasant to stay here for a couple of hours.

Harbor Bridge, Australia

The Harbor Bridge in Sidney is recommended for everyone who is tired from visiting typical viewing points. As a rule, the city point to look around is located on the top of the tower. The viewing point of Sidney is located on the bridge. The Harbor Bridge is the biggest and curious bridge in the world. It is done in form of big arc. The viewing point Pylon Lookout is also situated here.

Eiffel Tower Viewing Platform, France

The viewing point in France that you have to visit is Eiffel Tower viewing platform. You can find three platforms that are located on the height of 57, 115 and 300 meters. You should use special lift to get there. Of course, the most of visitors prefer to climb the tower by stairs. The viewing platforms are available to visit any day till the midnight from early morning.

France-000448 - Paris View

Hallgrimskirkja Tower, Iceland

If you want to see the icy city view, you should hire the car in Reykjavik and go to the Hallgrimskirkja Tower. The church with the difficult name is the symbol of Iceland, the main religious center of the country and the most beautiful architectural building. Hallgrimskirkja Tower is the building that you can see from everywhere in the city. It is attractive for locals and tourists. The viewing point is available for everyone to see the amazing city view.

The project of the church was developed in 1937. It took 38 years to build it. The project was finished in 1986. The design of the construction symbolizes the lava flow as the symbol of the nature in Iceland. The building is not high, it is 73 meters high. Nevertheless, the view of the icy city is is very interesting to learn new things the city from the viewing platform.