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The EdTech Alphabet for 21st Century Teachers

Along with the vast amount of technology that has entered our classrooms in recent years comes a whole new vocabulary. The EdTech alphabet that we’ve put together below started as a smaller collection of different topics we’ve written about over the past few years, and while it is by no means exhaustive, it covers a lot of ground in terms of different tools, methods, ideas, and resources.

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If you’re struggling to integrate technology, if your school is low on funding, or if you’ve always used technology in your classroom, or consider yourself a seasoned pro, you may find some new ideas in the graphic below. We’ve linked to some relevant posts from the last couple of years in the text alphabet below.

We’re working on making a more robust alphabet graphic in the future, with multiple entries for each letter. Is there anything you want us to include (that hasn’t already been mentioned below)? Let us know by leaving a comment below, dropping us a line on Twitter, or heading over to the Daily Genius Facebook Page and leaving us a note there! We always love to hear about your favorite tools and more.

The EdTech Alphabet

From A-Z, our classroom lexicon is changing. A may be for apple, but also for Apps! What else? Keep reading!

A: Apps

B: Blended Learning

C: Challenge Based Learning

D: Digital Citizenship/Good Digital Citizens

E: eBooks

F: Feedback

G: Gamification/ Games

H: Hour of Code

I: Instagram

J: Jamboree (or other Professional Development Event)

K: Kaizena

L: Lesson Plans

M: Mobile Learning

N: Networking

O: Office 365

P: Project Based Learning

Q: Questions for Critical Thinking

R: Robots


T: TED-Ed 

U: Udemy (and other online learning platforms)

V: Videos

W: Webinars

X: X Marks the Spot

Y: YouTube

Z: Zero (What to do with little to no funding for technology)

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