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Do you have digital eyestrain? And what to do if you have

Written by Nikki Sturzaker

Can you read this properly? Without headaches, difficulty in focussing and the feeling that somewhere along the line, your eyesight is slowly fading?

The ubiquity of screens, and the increasing reliance on small screens isn’t without its impact on your health and you can take precautions for the obvious physical outcomes but eight hours staring at a laptop, or even a mobile phone will strain your eyes.

This explainer on computer vision syndrome is useful, therefore, with tips and what causes it and what precautions you can take against it – always drink lots of water, eat healthy, remember to blink, and don’t look at the computer for too long of a period of time.

And get up, leave the desk and give your eyes the benefit of some proper daylight.

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Nikki Sturzaker

Osteopath in Streatham, South London. Treating back, joint and muscular pain.

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