desk exercises help survive office

Desk exercises to help you survive the office

We’re becoming a sedentary bunch. Even with increased flexible working practices, too many of us spend too long sitting at a desk working. Few of us seem to have physical work these days and while repetitious or hard physical work can create problems of its own, our lack of regular activity can lead to long-term health issues.

So, while this infographic, from OfficeVibe, veers towards the alarmist – a few exercises at your desk may just possibly save your life, but is more likely to simply make you feel better and more energised – but it will help you make the most of your time sat at a desk and mean that you’ll feel less hunched up and atrophied. Much of the same effect could be had by having a stand-up desk, but not everyone can afford or get one of these.

And don’t do these exercises in isolation. They should be combined with making sure you have a proper workstation, that you correct any postural issues as best you can and that you get plenty of exercise outside of office hours.

So ignore the funny looks from everyone else in the office, admittedly harder if you’re in a co-working environment and sitting next to strangers, and get stretching. You’ll feel the benefit.

Written by Nikki Sturzaker

Osteopath in Streatham, South London. Treating back, joint and muscular pain.

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