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Declara could very well become the ‘Google of learning’

It’s not often that I come across truly innovative ideas that make you say ‘well if they can deliver on at least half of that, they’re going to change the world.’

Declara is one of those ideas. It’s got big goals and some innovative ways to help you learn. What’s better than that?

So what is Declara?

It’s essentially a search engine for learning. But before you say ‘we already have Google for that, Jeff!’ read on. Declara is promising to be a novel way to discover and store your knowledge. This is done through what they’re calling the CognitiveGraph® which “makes individual and organizational learning easier and faster through a powerful search and recommendations engine.”

But what does this really mean? We don’t yet know. The tool is not yet released but you can pre-register here.

What should I expect?

From what I can glean from the site so far, it’s positioning itself as a tool for enterprises and businesses. In other words, they’re looking not at advertising to users for their financial viability. This is great news for those in the education world who are unable to truly use many paid or advertising-based apps and web tools.

Declara has been raising heaps of money and is poised to deliver on its promise of next generation social learning. Co-founders Ramona Pierson and Nelson González explain why this matters:

“At Declara we understand that personal and professional development are lifelong pursuits, and we are delivering technology to enable people everywhere, at every stage of their lives, to learn and grow. We recognize an expansive opportunity to help companies and people come together to collaborate, learn, and innovate.” -Ramona Pierson

While it remains to be seen how Declara will be adopted by educators, students, and everyone else, it’s hard to not get excited by what Pierson and González are describing.

“With Declara, we’ve built an intelligent social learning platform that combines collaboration, intuitive search, and deep analytics, powered by an extremely innovative user interface to help organizations work smarter.” -Nelson González

Investors include GSV Capital, EDBI, Data Collective, Founders Fund, Catamount Ventures, and Susa Ventures.

So, could it be the future of professional development or personalized learning?

Only time will tell. There is a lot of money, expertise, and enthusiasm behind Declara and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it used by more and more schools and businesses very soon.

For now, pre-register to stay in the loop and watch the video. See you in the future!

Written by Future Spotter

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