Jeff Dunn

Jeff is an education and technology lover who has worked in far too many industries to count. Okay, like maybe 5 or 6. Jeff can indeed count that high but it’s not recommended. Jeff also likes to write bios in the third-person.

  • digital-brain


    Does thinking change your brain?

    Take a little time to think. Think about thinking. Does thinking change the shape of your brain? For example, does contemplating this question actually physically alter your grey matter? Before you get your brain all tied up in knots, I’ll save you some time. Yes. Yes it does. Now, onto the next round of this quiz: […]

  • Education

    Despite all this technology, we still need teachers in the classroom

    While we’re very enthusiastic about education technology here on Daily Genius, we never forget the key to good schooling – good teaching. The fear that EdTech will make teachers redundant ought to be unfounded, but it’s good to be reminded of the importance of the figure in front of the class. It’s a while since […]

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    facts about the year 1916


    30 facts about the year 1916

    The year 2016 is upon us. We are storming into an exciting new year of technology, innovation, space exploration, medical discoveries, and some less-than-savory stuff as well. We decided to take a small break from figuring out the future to looking back at how we got here. So, we put together a list of 30 facts […]

  • Education

    81 tech trends (yes, 81!) you may see next year

    Figuring out the hottest tech trends is tough. You never know what might happen if one particular trend really takes off and then spawns a series of sub-trends. For example, ambient assistants like Siri and Google Now are really taking off so many companies are designing their apps to closely integrate with these new services. […]

  • Technology

    The 5 best free apps to start using in 2016

    There are a lot of terrific web tools and mobile apps available right now. You know that. But how do you sort out which ones are actually worth downloading or even looking at? The Daily Genius editors have cobbled together a relatively refined list of the 5 best free apps that we plan to start using […]

  • Technology

    The journey of a connected educator

    Becoming a connected educator is tough. Figuring out how to properly integrate education technology, innovative learning strategies, and how to develop your personal learning network is a daunting task. I’ve met many teachers who know about technology, have a smartphone, but have absolutely no time to invest in trying out new products and solutions. So […]

  • Popular


    The periodic table of education technology

    We had a crazy idea over the weekend here at Daily Genius. What if we organized all the top education technology tools into a simple graphic? Then we took it a step further by identifying some of the best ways to organize data into a single visual. What better way to do that than by […]

  • Education

    These 6 edtech courses are free for the rest of the year

    If you’re about to head off to holiday break, congratulations! You’ve made it! You deserve to kick back, play with friends and family, and recover from the hectic start of the school year. But after you’ve had your hot cocoa, opened up all your presents, and realize school is resuming soon … what then? Don’t […]

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