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Are you a connected educator? Take the quiz!

Do you wake up and immediately check your phone? Do you wake up and scroll through your Edmodo updates? Do you drop everything and respond to hashtag conversations happening on Twitter? If so, you might be a connected educator.

To help you better understand what that might mean – and to determine if you actually are one – we put together a fun quiz designed to help you understand just how connected you are. This is not a scientific quiz and is by no means meant to be a final “yay” or “nay” because, let’s face it, that’s only something you can answer on a long-term basis.

Use this quiz as a jumping-off point to better understand how much (or how little) a role tech plays in your life as an educator or just as a human. Ready to get started? Simply take the quiz below and enjoy!

Ready? Take The Connected Educator Quiz!

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Want to know what connected educators understand? Use this graphic below to better grasp how technology should be viewed in the classroom:

[source of hand-drawn image]

Written by Coley Michael

Coley joined the Daily Genius team to help develop fun and engaging quizzes that will make you think, laugh, and learn.

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