Should you drink coffee right now?

You guys probably know by know that I love a good flowchart (both the serious ones and those of the more facetious variety….and the handful that are in between). The handy flowchart below will help you to answer the age old question: Should I drink coffee right now? Let’s be real though, it’s Friday morning, so the answer is probably yes!

Should You Drink Coffee Right Now?

Important questions to ask:

  • Are you asleep?
  • Are you locked in a dungeon?
  • Has coffee been declared illegal where you live?
  • Did you eat a bran muffin and are now stuck in traffic?

If you answered no to all the questions, go forth and drink! Now!

Oh, and Happy Friday!


Featured Image via Flickr

Written by Katie Dunn

Explorer, eternal learner, animal lover. Perpetually drawn to the ocean. Adventure ready. Suffers from wanderlust. Likes chasing things down the sink with the little sprayer thingy.

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