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The evolution of classroom technology

Kids these days live in a new world. They are hyperconnected to their gadgets and hold the world at their fingertips with just a tap away. These Generation Z children are also referred to as “Digital Natives” because they have never experienced the pre-digital world. Technology has come a long way, as has classroom technology. It isn’t just the technology that has changed – but the way we use classroom technology comes from a very different approach, too.

Conventional education and parenting wisdom states that we should teach our kids to limit their screen time. There are all sorts of studies that reveal the negative effects on how technology use (and abuse) could cause depression, cardiovascular diseases and even obesity.

But we live in an era where we can’t just ban the use of technology.

Technology has become an integral part of our society. And for these digital natives, they can’t even imagine a world without smartphones or apps. Technology has literally changed all aspects of modern day life with it’s rapidly progressing innovations.

Judging by current trends, technology will only become a bigger part of our children’s education and social life. Just see how the infographic below maps out the evolution of technology implementations from 2005-2025. What do you think the best advances in education technology have been in the past decade? Leave us a note in the comments below, mention @DailyGenius on Twitter, or head over to the Daily Genius Facebook page and drop us a line there!

It’s exciting to see that these innovations will not only expand students’ horizons, but also maximize efficient learning in the classroom. Technology enables personalized learning and caters to the individual student’s pace and level.

Parents now need to teach their children how to practice healthy habits when handling technology. It’s as simple as setting time limits on usage or even just asking your kids what they learned on their tablet or game each day.

As parents of digital natives, you also need to realize that your child’s life will be put on complete display online. Like it or not, you’re going to have to deal with the fact that your kids will be leaving their footprints all over the digital forest. While you won’t be able to completely erase their online presence, you can help them be more aware of the implications by having an honest conversation with them. We need to be more adaptive and flexible with the fact that technology will play a huge part into every child’s upbringing. All we need to do is to help our children navigate through the digital forest in a healthy and productive way.

Written by Anum Yoon

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