Tips For Novice Realtors & Those Who Want To Become One

Tips For Novice Realtors & Those Who Want To Become One
  1. Find out if you really want to do real estate.

Many people study to be a realtor just because they hear about high wages and career opportunities. When they are faced with practice, they understand that everyone imagined differently. Learn more about this profession from the Internet and the media, subscribe to the blogs of the most successful realtors, both Russian and foreign. So you will understand what to prepare for and whether you need it.

  1. Better to be third in Rome than first in the village.

Find the largest real estate agency in your city and get a job. So you will get free training, study the legislation, learn about the pitfalls of real estate business. Large companies have a stable customer base. In addition, professionals work there who will share their experience with you.

Some realtors argue that it is better to go to small agencies: there is less competition and it is easier to start a career.

  1. Remember that you know nothing.

Real estate is not taught in universities, and not talked about in schools. Even as an experienced professional, you are not immune to being unaware of any issue. Feel free to admit it, ask your colleagues questions.

  1. Don’t despair!

It is rare that from the first day of work a realtor has the opportunity to conclude a deal. Be prepared for the fact that at first you will not have many clients. Perhaps they will not be at all at first. This is a common thing. The situation will improve if you apply more diligence and perseverance.

  1. Being a realtor is primarily to work for yourself.

The real estate business is no different from the business. A successful realtor is primarily an independent expert, even if he works for an agency. So everything you do and the way you do it works for you. Motivate yourself constantly.

Tips for working as a realtor

  1. Make a plan.

Every morning, when you come to work, take a piece of paper (or use a text editor – whichever is more convenient) and write down the tasks for the coming day point by point. Try to have time to do everything that you have in mind. If it doesn’t work, carry over the remaining items to the next day. The main thing is to plan systematically. One of the factors leading to realtor mistakes is the low level of time management.

  1. The first pancake is lumpy.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Remember the famous phrase: the one who does nothing is not mistaken. Fear of mistakes will never let you do something new. How to become a successful realtor without this? Mistakes are experience, and experience is self-confidence.

  1. Write down your goals.

At the very beginning of your career, you should establish your expectations and goals. Try to do this in as much detail as possible. Research shows that this technique stimulates activity. People who know exactly what they want and write it down always get what they want.

  1. Create a marketing plan.

Decide how many customers and sales you will have in a certain time (it is better to start with 6 months). Get involved in budgeting. Describe the main / permanent income / expenses, while taking into account force majeure situations.

  1. Plan your sales.

Approach the problem of object sales systematically. Take a professional photo of each object, even better – shoot a video. Get involved in an advertising campaign: place an ad in the media, real estate information bases, post flyers. The third stage is the demonstration of the object. Prepare your property presentation carefully. The latter is the conclusion of the deal

  1. Advertise yourself!

Promote not only real estate, but yourself as a brand. Get business cards. Do not skimp on the creation of a selling website and ads on the Internet. Keep a blog, e-mail newsletter, and actively use social networks. Remember that you yourself are a walking advertisement: let all your acquaintances and friends know that you are a realtor. Look for those who can recommend you. Until now, one of the most common advertising methods is word of mouth.

  1. Compete with yourself.

The writer William Faulkner said: “Don’t try to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself. ” To be successful, each day is better than yesterday. Both professionally and personally.

Tips for working as a realtor with colleagues

  1. Start by imitating.

Take a closer look at your colleagues, watch how they work with clients, how they look for objects. Imitate wisely. Choose those traits of their behavior that you like best. Start doing the same as they do. Over time, you will develop your own behaviors and styles.

  1. Create a professional social circle.

You have entered a new field of activity. It is unlikely that you will be able to exchange experience and knowledge with friends. Look for new supporters among colleagues, choose a mentor for yourself. Constantly keep in touch with them, ask them questions, ask for opinions, meet in your free time – learn from those who are better than you.

  1. “Follow” colleagues.

The time of imitation has passed. But this does not mean that you should concentrate only on yourself. Don’t forget to watch your colleagues. How they behave with capricious clients, how they get out of difficult situations. Think about why one realtor behaves this way, while another in a similar situation does differently.

Tips for working with clients

  1. Take rejection lightly.

Practice shows that 8 out of 10 clients refuse realtors. If you were refused, it is not a tragedy. On the contrary, take it for granted, be confident in yourself. Your confidence will be transferred to another client and you will close the deal. And the client who refused you can agree in a week / month / year or recommend you to his friends / family / colleagues.

  1. Remember all your clients.

If you are approached by a person who needs an apartment, but you do not have a suitable option, do not forget about him. When the desired apartment appears in your database, the first thing you do is call this particular client.

  1. Do not rely on “Maybe”.

All realtors know: a minute of delay is like death. Do not think that you can relax for a day, maybe clients will find themselves and money will flow like a river. Don’t be lazy. You should be constantly looking for properties and clients.

  1. Filter information.

In order not to mislead yourself and the client, always check the information. Check the legal cleanliness of the apartment, follow the correct paperwork during the transaction.

  1. Be honest.

When a person is looking for a realtor, one of the most important criteria for him is the reliability and honesty of a professional. Don’t promise what you can’t give the client. Tell him only what you are one hundred percent sure of.

  1. Prepare carefully for negotiations.

When going to a meeting with a client, you should have an idea of ​​his questions and wishes. Prepare answers on price, time and other conditions. You cannot give 100% correct information on the price, but the client should get a general idea already at the first meeting.

  1. Object to customers.

Remember, you have a common cause and success too. If the client is wrong, give them a gentle hint, but do it reasonably. Don’t ignore him. Take the client’s wishes as recommendations, not a guide to action.

  1. Don’t scare the client.

The stories that there are many scammers in the real estate market, that a person can never find anything without you, will not surprise anyone. With such “horror stories” you will not only fail to win the client, but also alienate him.

  1. Build your own customer base.

With your base, you can easily open a real estate agency when you gain experience. Work for the future.

Tips for working with yourself

  1. Engage in self-education.

It is a big mistake for realtors – both beginners and professionals – to think that they already know everything, you just need to advertise and sell real estate. But the world does not stand still. A successful realtor must learn something new every day. Constantly update your knowledge in jurisprudence, banking, construction. Be competent in your field.

  1. Learn languages.

This rule, obvious at first glance, is not followed by everyone. Reading newspapers and magazines in English, you will learn about the latest trends in the real estate market that have not reached the Russian reader. Draw on the experience of foreign colleagues by browsing their blogs.

  1. Study architecture and design.

This will help you to correctly evaluate the house / apartment, to know about the technical characteristics of the property.

  1. Go in for sports.

Sport will improve not only your appearance, but also your inner state, add self-confidence.

  1. Study psychology. NLP technique.

The better you understand people, the easier it will be for you to build relationships with people. Learn the technique of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This will help you better understand people, successfully conduct presentations, negotiations, and manage your own fortune.

  1. Become a sanguine person.

A passive and melancholic person is unlikely to inspire confidence in a client. To be a successful realtor, you need to be always active, cheerful and confident. These are the realtors that are recommended to their family, friends and colleagues.

  1. Read, read, read!

And not only professional literature, but fiction, as far as possible. Such books help fight stress and develop the imagination. You will move away from templates and routine. Out-of-the-box solutions and actions will attract new customers and help build your reputation. For information on what books to read to a realtor, see here.

  1. Appearance.

Clothing is a means of communication. Monitor your appearance at all times. Remember that classics are always in fashion. Women can add accessories to their business style. Find the middle ground between a lot of makeup on your face and no makeup. For men, moderation is also important: watch out for the scent of perfume and stale clothes. Clients always see the connection between the appearance of a realtor and his reliability, the level of professionalism.

  1. Don’t spoil your reputation.

If you have been building your image for years and pledged the trust of customers, this does not mean that you can finally relax. It is at such moments that any mistake will serve as a signal for unscrupulous competitors who can go to any lengths to tarnish your name.

Tips from experienced realtors

  1. Narrow your profile.

One of the tips that experienced realtors often talk about. Become an expert in one niche, one segment of real estate – the one that interests you the most. And then you will not be equal. Foreign professionals have been practicing this for a long time. Rarely in the American real estate market, you can find a general-purpose realtor.

  1. Sell, sell, sell!

Foreign and Russian realtors unanimously repeat: the most important teacher is experience. Do not think that after realtor courses you will become omniscient. Trainings, courses are additional tools. Without the practice of multiple sales, the chances of becoming a successful realtor are zero.

  1. Make friends with clients!

With the past, the present and those that will still appear. This is the best way to earn their trust. It is not necessary to meet with them every day and play billiards: use mail, social networks, and phone.

  1. Let the client talk.

Many realtors at meetings with clients immediately begin to praise the object of their sale, without giving the client a word. Let the client talk, find out what he wants, make notes during the conversation. After your speech, give time to think over the information, do not ask questions like: “Are you ready to buy an apartment?” Let the client take the initiative.

  1. Build an interconnected customer network.

Set up a channel of communication between former customers and new ones. Let old buyers describe your work, share their impressions. Both good and bad. Believe me, new customers will appreciate even a negative review. The main thing is that such assessments should be few.

  1. Publish!

Write articles and submit them to local newspapers. Perform on radio and TV stations as an expert. This is the best advertisement.

  1. Give free advice.

Don’t try to make money with everything you do. Earn trust with selfless advice. Customers appreciate it.