The Top 5 Factors That Make Up A Great Roller Banner

Roller banners are a great way of advertising your brand, your product, or a general message – always have been, always will be. They are very economical, give a great return on investment, and are versatile. However, it’s important that your banner is designed for a purpose (to get your message across), and that it receives the proper interest and attention.

Here’s the good news: although designing your pop up banners, pull up banners, or personalised banners can be challenging, it’s all about being creative and thinking outside the box. You’re creating a message, and there are no limits on how you choose to do so. Just remember to follow a few basic rules, however. Here are the top five factors that make up a great roller banner.

Your banner has a goal and purpose

If your purpose is to sell a product, then a picture of that product may work wonders. If, however, the goal of the banner is to get leads for future sales, then you may want to focus on a premise followed by contact information. The design of the banner should suit the purpose, just like the design of the weapon should suit the target and the battle.

Go left to right, top to bottom

Unless you read in Japanese, Chinese, or Arabic, you’ll be focusing your attention first on the left upper corner of the banner. Hence, that’s where the most important information should go (your logo, main message, the word ‘Free,’ etc). The least important information should be at the right bottom corner. Arrange the information according to the reader’s way of absorbing that information (left to right, top to bottom).

Quality speaks louder than quantity

Don’t use too many words – keep your message as simple as possible. A simple bold statement is remembered much longer than a paragraph of prose. Furthermore, use quality banner printing rather than cheap alternatives.

Use professional graphics

Use high resolution pictures, and make sure you own the rights to them.

Don’t forget calls to action and contact info

Last, but certainly not least, you need to keep two things in mind, especially for roller banners. These two are related, but you’d be surprised at how often they are neglected. First of all, include a call to action. This could be a very simple request, such as “Please don’t litter,” or a very strong command such as “Obey the law!” If you’re in the business of selling your product, you’ll want the crowd to contact you and ask for information. “Get your free sample!,” “Call us now!” and similar calls to actions work wonders.

Secondly (following the call of action), don’t forget your contact information. Encourage the reader to get in touch with you, and make sure they know how.