Spend Less and Save More with 5 Super Money-Saving Tips

If you’re finding that the cost of living is rising faster than your wages, you’re certainly not alone. With prices going inexorably up and salaries struggling to keep pace, many people are finding the money they have isn’t going as far.

What’s the solution? Well, getting a higher paid job is one option, but sadly it’s not that easy. So, what else can you do? We’ve taken a look around the web to collect a series of  super-practical money saving tips. We’re sharing five of the best with you below, but we recommend checking out the full list of 40 top tips linked here to super-charge your saving strategy.

  1. Ditch the brand name household cleaners

Saving money is all about making lots of little changes that add up. Brand name kitchen and household cleaners cost a small fortune, so much so that you’ll make a significant saving by buying supermarket own brands or even making your own. Bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and lemon juice all do an excellent job and don’t cost nearly as much. Here’s a guide to making homemade kitchen cleaners that really work.

  1. Cancel your unnecessary subscriptions

Most of us have at least one household subscription that provides very little value for money. Whether it’s your membership for the gym you visit once a month, your Netflix subscription that you just don’t watch or that TV package you pay well over the odds for, it all adds up. Cancel these unnecessary subscriptions and watch the money roll in.

  1. Sell a car

Do you have more than one car in your household? Do you really need them both? The costs of car ownership are always rising and the rate of depreciation means you’re losing money as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. These days, given the climate challenges we’re facing, could you do your bit by taking public transport to work? Or perhaps you could ride a bike?

  1. Make your work lunches at home

This is one of the most clichéd money saving tips out there, but it really rings true. If you’re buying your lunch every day at work, then you’re spending money that you could easily save. You have to ask yourself, are your paid-for work lunches really that great? We know the answer already. Instead, why not make your lunch at home three or four days a week and treat yourself on a Thursday or Friday? It’s a small step, but it’s a positive start.

  1. Drink more water

Water gives life to everything on earth, so why is it not good enough for you? Soft drinks are not only expensive but they’re also no good for your health. Instead, put that bottle of Coke away and get used to drinking water as your main source of hydration!

Have you got any money-saving tips you’d like to share with our readers? Please leave yours in the comments below.