Protection and Profitability of New Investment Platforms – A Look into Iban Wallet

This might be stating the obvious, but your capital is at risk when you invest it. But in recent times, investments have come democratized and there are not reserved for a select few. The advent of investment apps has brought the entry barriers down for the masses and now everyone can do  shares and stocks.

In these platforms, the security is of paramount significance. When we refer to the term ‘platform security’, it means tools, architecture, and processes that guarantees the safety of the investment portal.

What is Iban Wallet?

Essentially, it is an online investment platform which focuses on providing the most lucrative deals to investors and lenders alike. It allows investors to move their funds into an account of their choice and earn a projected interest from their investments. Individuals and businesses with a bank account can invest via Iban Wallet and earn from their investment with a projected rate ranging from 2.5% up to 6%.

Your investment is protected

The funds are deposited in an Electronic Money Institution (EMI), which is regulated by the European Central Bank. The investments are also backed by collateral while the loans are secured via Safeguard Trust and Buyback Guarantee.

For obvious reasons, Iban Wallet platforms takes the protection of the investors’ funds all too seriously. As a result, its architecture uses a multi-layer process to make sure that it has complete security. These layers consist of Electronic Money Institution (EMI), regulatory compliance, multi-step identity protection and lastly, real-time notifications.

Earn returns daily

This investment platform provides the biggest benefit because it cuts out the brokers/middleman entirely. Without an intermediary party in between, your earnings are your own and you can “play” with them, as you like.

For all of its accounts, Iban Wallet offers a set interest rate to the investors. Furthermore, it does not charge sign up fees for that matter. Your request access to money and return is aimed to be guaranteed at all times. This gives users immense convenience to move their money when they want. The account is connected to your bank account when you sign up and you can transfer funds whenever you want.

How is Iban Wallet different?

Iban Wallet stands out from the crowd because it has a projected interests rates up to 6% and for beginner, they can invest on this platform without much hassle. As a result, they can earn from the website on a daily basis without day-to-day involvement and without proper understanding of interest returns for that matter.


Suffice to say, Iban Wallet is a one of a kind investment platform that has been designed to facilitate investors and provide loans to people. Its safety features make it one of the most secure platforms out there.