Delight Your Online Store Customers & Make More Conversions

Delight Your Online Store Customers & Make More Conversions

If you are planning to start your own business and make it a huge success, then starting an ecommerce business is a worthwhile decision. In order to create an ecommerce shop, you should have an in-depth knowledge of every fine detail that every successful ecommerce business needs in order to offer great user experience and delight your customers.

There are countless successful case studies who just made a few website tweaks and took their business to a higher level; your brand can be one of them. You can also get the excitement of creating a personalized, customized, and intuitive place for your customers to which they will gladly come back.

Here are some key aspects your ecommerce website needs in order to create a whole new level of user experience.

  1. Mobile Friendliness

In this digital space and massive smartphone proliferation, businesses should create mobile-friendly websites, as a majority of consumers view websites on mobile devices. Therefore, making your ecommerce store mobile friendly is mandatory if you want your customers to purchase products from your online store.

Remember, mobile friendliness is the key factor in getting higher search engine page rankings, according to the latest Google SEO algorithm. So, if you want to get top position on mobile searches, you need a mobile-optimized website. There are many mobile app development companies that are offering professional app design and development services. You can hire a team of professionals who can develop a mobile-friendly website and a great mobile app for your online store.

  1. Homepage Slider

The homepage slider is another important feature that ecommerce websites should employ to grab the interest of customers. Sliders are basically large scale images that are displayed on the homepage that usually take a large real estate of it, which can be moved left or right when browsing through a catalog. In fact, the website slider is a great way to captivate your visitors’ interest and entice them to click to see what you are offering

Basically, the purpose of sliders is to help users get highlights of discounted products, sale offers, and new arrivals etc. However, there are many customers who completely ignore this portion and go straight to the product category they are looking for.

The perfect approach to make your ecommerce website a big hit is to keep the number of images limited on the slider and use compelling images to grab the attention of customers. This way, the chances of a discounted product or sale offer being overlooked by your consumers would be decreased.

  1. Offer a Personalized Experience

Every single part of your website design needs careful consideration, from the sign-up page to navigation to website colors and check out process.  Keep everything simple, easier, and concise so that consumers find it easy to navigate your website, fill the sign-up page, search for the desired product, and checkout easily.

The best thing you can do to provide a personalized experience is to carefully study the demographics (age, user behavior, location, preferences, color choices). Knowing the psychology, needs, preferences, and problems of your potential customers and then developing a tailor-made website design will surely make customers take a desired action of purchasing.

  1. Customer Reviews

When it comes to the quality of products and customer service, consumers tend to trust people who already used the products of a particular brand. People are eager to see customer reviews, no matter what type of product or service you are offering. Website owners can take advantage of employing customer reviews by integrating stars or number rating systems below every product to make it easier for the customers to grade the quality of a product. Or simply, you can add customer blurbs on the product page to draw more user attention. It’s always a great idea to humanize your website while allowing people to converse with each other and browse through freely.

  1. Use Image Gallery

It is also important to focus on your photo gallery to show every possible view and angle of your products and convince people to take the desired action. Every successful business owner knows that people are more likely to buy a product when they can imagine themselves using and benefiting from it.  Therefore, it is advised to use image galleries of several products to invoke users, and the result would surprise you.

  1. Secure Payment Options

If you really want to create a functional ecommerce website, then you need to offer multiple payment options to ensure a fast and secure checkout process. By offering a variety of payment options to your customers, you can improve your brand image, improve conversions, reduce the cart abandonment rate, and expand your business globally. Most importantly, an easy checkout process and multiple payment options can greatly contribute to creating a great user experience. It will eventually enhance user interaction with your ecommerce store, increase customer satisfaction, and improve customer lifetime value.

Wrapping Things Up

With the growing trend of online shopping and the massive amount of revenue mobile shopping can generate, it has now become a worthwhile option to create an ecommerce website. Hiring a team of professional web designers can help you create an awesome website for your online store that offers great user experience and brings more return on investment. If you want to make your online store a big hit, all you have to do is follow the above-cited aspects to cater to your customers in the best possible way.