How Does UI/UX Design Contribute To The Value Of Business?

UI UX Design

Designers need to understand how businesses work from a very basic standpoint – getting to the pain that the business is feeling. – Nick Disabato

“What you see is what you believe” – this is what the entire concept of design relies on. UI / UX designing has been the crux of any project, be it any type, any technology, any framework. Yes, its significance is sometimes underestimated but as the world opens its windows to innovativeness and modernity, designing plays a bigger role in the success story of any business.

Designing is often thought upon as one of the early phases of a software development life cycle that needs minimal interaction with business users. But, that’s not true – it is the realization of the design team and business users both. Stakeholders now understand that good design can be created and implemented, in consensus with all – the designers and business users. Designing is now thought upon as a driving force in the business world.

User Interface (UI) talks about building the intuitive and interactive part of the design, where the user looks at, first. The UI needs to be simple, attractive, visually appealing and non-cluttered.

User Experience (UX) talks about the navigation part that focuses on the experience that the customer will get. The UX must be usable, flexible, understandable and well-designed.

How Is UI/UX Design Vital To Business Success?

Here are the key pointers that prove how UI / UX design is important for any business to succeed:

  • A Good Design Yields Good Profits

There is a direct proportion between good design and good profits. A good design always caters to customer needs, business objectives and hence is always near to fulfilling all that is needed. This has a direct impact on business revenue and value, yielding good profits.

Having an effective design increases product sales, enhances market position, offers higher customer loyalty, builds brand loyalty, opens newer avenues and reduces time to market. All these benefits are reasons enough to garner the best of profits.

  • Design Shifts Focus From Being Business Centric To Client Centric

A design-based thought process shifts focus from being business centric – looking at the product that is developed based on certain expectations to being customer focussed – understanding what the customer exactly needs and developing the product in those lines. This change in thought process helps in coming up with a solution/product that is completely based on client requirements and expectations.

  • Designing In The Right Way Can Cut On Cost And Efforts

UI / UX designing has a great impact on total costing and efforts, considering the ongoing business processes and production. Improvised processes and solutions, owing to a good design, directly affect the expenditure schedule and efforts undergone in reaching milestones.

Using the right kind of tools and technologies, ensuring the correct collaboration between the creative group and business group and offering the best means to meet customer requirements is the apt way to balance on the cost factor and efforts put in achieving results.

  • A Good Design Can Reach Out To A Wider Audience

Only satisfying a customer’s requirements isn’t enough. What is more important for good business value is to increase the reach to a wider audience and that is what good design does. It reaches out not just to a confined audience but a wider lot, encompassing a lot more customers, business, sales, revenue and more.

  • Good Designing Effects Business Revenue

If your design is made with a customer perspective, it is bound to offer good business value. A good design is a direct connection with increased sales, more customer visits, more business, more sales and hence increased revenue.

Whenever any solution/product/service is designed keeping in mind the customer’s needs, there ought to be a better performance and enhanced financial statistics.

  • UI / UX Design Draws Motivation And Innovation

Designing is in fact, one of the core areas that is operated with a creative stint. Of course, it needs its share of technical knowledge, customer analysis and more but the basic success path lies of innovativeness.

Brand innovation, newer ideas, wider market reach and advanced technologies are direct impacts of designing services onto achieving a higher customer reach and thereby increase business value.

  • Customer Retention And Loyalty Increases

If your design is accurate, effective and alluring, the customers are bound to do business with you again and again, ensuring a quotient of loyalty and trust from the customer end. Customers, today, look for a uniquely designed product and there are chances they may agree to pay more for this uniqueness.

Design also enhances the business processes that customers deal with and which is why customers find it attractive to stick to the same product line/service area. Different design elements like engineering design, retail design, product design, website design, graphic design etc. contribute to a successful business. These design parameters change your business perspective and value add to a more successful output.

  • Involving Design Early Helps Reduce Risks

At most times, it is not. Design is often underrated and involved at a later stage. The modern way of thinking has changed this perspective. Businesses now have realized the importance of including designing at an early stage and that too, with close interaction between designers and business owners.

This gives a good start to the product development and ensures there are minimal risks that are getting tagged along with. Steps like understanding where the design is being used in the business, finding out ways to improvise the design procedure, finding out novel opportunity areas, undergoing market survey, leverage business advisors to offer perfect guidance on how best to use the design are extremely popular.

  • Good Design Helps Enhance Product Development

Product development has its own significant steps that are needed to be performed for a successful start. And a good design framework helps do that best – underdoing research of what the users would want most, build a conceptualized model, design initial elements, undergo prototyping, test and finalize the design.

  • Garner New Business With Perfect Design Elements

As we saw, having a good design plays an important role in retaining customers. More importantly, it also helps in attracting newer customers and market areas. Each customer has a newer set of needs and correspondingly, the further course of action may change. Design methodologies may undergo a change.

With modern-day design elements, organizations can define different prototype elements that can understand what the customer needs. There could be steps taken based on studying the product trends that can help you enter foreign markets, with ease and confidence.

  • A Professional Design Enhances Your Company Brand

It surely makes a difference when the design is completely professional and easy to understand. Owing to this professional touch, the organization gets a great backing and elevates its brand popularity in the market.

It also offers a lot of security for the organization, product and customer, offering a lot of newer opportunities its way.

The Change To Be Witnessed – Designers Understanding The Business Perspective

Even though there have been many benefits to business value owing to the design perspective, there is still a wave of change being witnessed all over. There are still designers who haven’t completely understood their role in enhancing the value of businesses and there are still business owners who haven’t yet leveraged the complete potential of having a good design in their product/service.

There are certain changed needed at both ends – designers and business owners, for seamless collaboration between the two, at an early stage, both aiming at increasing the overall business value, bigtime.

  • The design procedure should start off by transparently stating the purpose of the entire project so that there is no confusion later
  • Clearly identify the stakeholders in the business scenario who will support the design framework and each necessary step in it
  • Get all your departments ready for any kind of designing change that you bring along. Let there be a collaboration between them and the designers
  • Keep an achievable budget, timeline and target ready to implement
  • Don’t forget that be it the business owner, be it the designer, it is finally the customer that you must please
  • Keep security at first hand since that plays an important role in ensuring data transfer and data privacy
  • Have a stringent project monitoring at all phases and keep equal responsibility from both ends
  • Train your organization on who UI and UX designers are, what is their role and how significant is that. Not all of them know the details of UI / UX designing
  • Arrange for workshops that involve designing intricate details of the project
  • Don’t let businesspeople overindulge with the designers. Designers are a creative lot that may get tampered due to overindulgence
  • Undergo research on any difficult or new subject as a team. Working together with a common goal surely helps
  • Designers to keep showing what they make, to their business users. After all, it is the users who are going to use it on a regular basis
  • Design must become a top management level issue to involve top heads right from the start
  • The design must cater to a cross-platform experience to match up to the modern-day expectations
  • Designers must work closely in coordination with other departments, shying away from isolation
  • Agile testing must be adapted while applying design principles to any business

As We Witness The Value To Business Grow With UI / UX Design

Little did we know how much important designing is to projects. UI / UX designing serves to be a vital ingredient in the overall value of the business and the above pointers are proof enough. The world is changing its view and now designing is getting its core attention. Soon, there will be a time when business users in sync with designers will work upon a valued product/service. Let us wait till we witness projects that showcase the potential of business outcomes and the creativity of the designers. It shall be totally worth it, isn’t it!

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