Product Handling Solutions For Your Business

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Product handling is the movement, protection, storage and control of business materials and products throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption, and disposal.

To have an effective product handling strategy it is important that you are buying equipment from a professional product handling equipment suppliers. This article will look at the basics including euro stacking containers also known as “euro boxes”. 

euro containers

Euro Stacking Container

If you are unfamiliar with Euro stacking containers, they are essentially plastic boxes that come with and without lids. In most cases these heavy duty plastic boxes stack which many businesses find extremely useful.

You may find that the plastic stacking containers and boxes you purchase will generally have a greater volume capacity due to their straight sides. There are different types of Euro containers some are ventilated (with holes for air flow) which are often used by those in the food and drink sector and electro-conductive (antistatic) boxes which are used by industrial and electronic brands.

Euro container supplier and product handling specialist Exporta Global say that “Euro Containers are uniform in dimensions meaning they are ideal for automated manufacturing systems or for product handling. A euro container can come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the small 20-litre variety up to huge 172-litre versions and more”.

The Advantages of Euro Boxes

If you are upgrading your product handling strategy then stackable boxes are useful for many applications. Euro boxes are most often used in the catering industry as businesses can purchase food grade containers.  Engineering trade businesses can benefit from using antistatic containers that protect electrical components, as less damage will occur to stock in storage or transit. Another way euro boxes can be used is by bars and restaurant who need to store extra stock or bottles.

If you are thinking about where you can put these foldable containers once you are done with them, then remember that as they are collapsible boxes, they take up much less room thank other forms of crates.  and are perfect space savers for when the containers are not in use. They are very robust, stack securely when open or folded and cleverly designed to collapse virtually flat.

Product handling specialists say that this time of box is the perfect space saver for when the containers are not in use. Not only this, euro containers are extremely robust and stack securely when open or folded.

euro stacking containers

Euro Container Dolly

If you are purchasing euro containers in bulk, then it is advised that you also purchase product handling equipment such as euro container dollies. Exporta have said in the past that “when it comes to the transportation of euro containers, no piece of equipment is as appropriate as the euro container dolly”.

If you are new to product handling then the term ‘dolly’ can refer to a large number of transportation items. A dolly is a platform on wheels. Dollies come in all shapes and sizes. If you run a delivery company, or any form of business where you need to transport heavy items, then it’s unlikely you’re going to be using larger dollies.