7 Ways That HR Can Engage and Hire Top Talent Using Video Platforms

7 Ways That HR Can Engage and Hire Top Talent Using Video Platforms

Digital marketing is on the increase around the globe as marketers find it effective to attract buyers. A video works well because it is relatable, human, exciting, engaging, and educational. Other business departments such as the human resources can also utilize the aspects of a video. Human resources deal with people hence this medium can be useful to attract talents during recruitment.

Many companies use videos on their websites, which is used to highlight more about the operations and the drivers of the company.

To attract top talents, companies need to do more to stand out by making it special. In the same way a company wants to hire people who can do an amazing job, job seekers want to find the best employer. After all, people spend most of their lives at work. Below are seven ways that the HR in a company can use videos as a tool to attract and engage talents.

Video Branding

A majority of videos are difficult to determine the sources because the only thing that viewers see is a YouTube logo and a play button. Since the majority of YouTube videos are embedded on a company website, yours should be special. It should give glory and recognition to your company and brand giving viewers a special experience. There are video platforms such as Vidyard that gives video owners or companies the ability to embed videos directly to where they want. It includes career pages that have a company logo or watermark and desired colors. This allows viewers to see the company logo at the bottom right of the video.

Use personalized videos to get talents

If you are looking for the best employees, this may sometimes require you to search for other sources. However, the chances of choosing the best are usually slim because there must be a company that saw the talent before you. Therefore, it would be necessary to have a way that could help your company stand out and attract attention from the crowd.

Using personalized videos allows you to weave unique personal details of the candidates in the video. It just requires one video that would generate for each of the candidates. This is an engaging and a great experience that would make the candidates feel the same way about the company.

Enhancing recruitment videos

Recruitment videos usually have one objective, which is to attract potential employees while at the same time educating them on what it feels to work in the company. Using the most suitable video platforms would make it easy to know how the candidates are responding. You would know where most people are dropping off but if they hold for more than 60%, then it’s working. However, if the majority of the people are dropping off at 10 seconds in a two-minute video, things are not good. Putting the best quality video would help attract the best talents and show off the company as the most attractive employer.

Use interactive video elements to conduct candidate assessment

Your video should be able to provide interactive elements that allow you to hold a conversation with candidates. It should also enable you to get feedback and ask for skills based questions applicable to the job.

Mark out the most engaged candidates

To some extent, the hiring process in many companies is usually automated. There is no interaction with the recruiter, but a software identifies the key words and selects the candidates. This process is easy to fake, but it would be hard to fake their true interest into the company; hence, video enjoyment is the most suitable for hiring new talents.

Easy grasp of culture fit

A video also allows the recruiter to determine whether the candidate would fit the company culture. It enables the employer to narrow down to candidates suitable for the company.

Share video interview

After an interview, the potential candidate’s videos can be sent to other managers for a briefing. The videos can be organized and store for future references. This shows that HR can use videos to get the best employees and to keep them engaged.

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