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The benefits of a digital detox

The chances are, you have too much tech in your life. You check your emails and your social media and you twitch a little if your mobile phone or tablet isn’t in easy reach.

You teach a holiday from your technology. You need to free your mind from the pinging of the thoughts of others and from the wit and wisdom of the maddening crowd.

So get yourself a tech vacation. Don’t just get away from work, really get away from work. Don’t check your email, or your Twitter feed, turn away from news updates.

It’ll be worth it. According to this from Modis, you’ll benefit from better concentration, a higher quality of sleep, better posture and an increased enjoyment of your leisure time, both during that holiday and after. And you’ll return to your work genuinely refreshed and better motivated.

So get yourself a proper break (ignore the advice on where to go, that’s your business) and have a proper det0x – but not from Daily Genius, that’s good for you.


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Jimmy Leach

Jimmy Leach is a digital consultant, working with governments, organisations and people. He tweets at @JimmyTLeach


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