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Why you should audit your body language in the workplace

Why you should audit your body language in the workplace

Many of us KNOW our body language influences our communication. But how often do you audit your actions?

Yes! Audit.

Habits come and go. Perhaps you stopped avoiding eye contact. Nice going! But what if you compensate by fidgeting? Do you even know which habits you should stop?

And no, you can’t expect everyone to simply accept you as you are. If you’re in a business environment, you rarely have time to build trust or evoke respect. Your etiquette during a first meeting determines what others think of you.

What if one individual is the key to your future success? Will your current etiquette and body language seal the deal?

You have to monitor your eyes, facial features, hands and even your positioning in relation to others.

That’s a lot to keep track of! But getting the hang of is worth it. One simple handshake can communicate the confidence your new boss is looking for. Prevent accidentally insulting your new colleagues. You don’t want to ruin your brand new working environment.

And that’s the power of using business etiquette and body language optimally. It literally determines your future.

We compiled a few guidelines in this infographic by Swiss Canadian Capital to help you understand these nuances. If you want to be successful, know exactly what you’re communicating from now on!


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