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The no-nonsense guide to using the Apple Watch in education

It’s not going to be available for awhile and it’s expensive. The Apple Watch is real, though. In a dizzying floor show, Apple announced a slew of new products and technology innovation. One of the most talked-about items? The Apple Watch. It’s small, highly customizable, and looks easy enough to use.

First, The Good News

This new innovation means it might be something to consider using in the classroom. That’s because the Apple Watch (many had referred to it as the iWatch prior to the announcement) has a few key features:

  • It’s nearly indestructible (great for all ages, especially the ages who like to try and destroy things)
  • It’s hard to lose and impossible to drop (it does stay strapped to your wrist after all)
  • It’s engaging and interactive (much like an iPad in the classroom but far more personalized)

Now, The Bad News

  • It’s not (yet) available (early next year)
  • The Apple Watch is expensive ($349)
  • You need a paired iPhone to be able to use most of the features. Calls, texts, etc.

TL;DR Version

You’re probably going to only be able to integrate the Apple Watch if you have a BYOD classroom where some lucky students have one. Watch out for a battle between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ here, though. Better to be prepared.

The Apple Watch is basically an extension of your iPhone. It’s nifty but not necessary for education at this point. If students don’t have an iPhone and a spare $349 lying around, it’s not coming to your classroom anytime soon.

How To Use The Apple Watch In Education

Now that we’ve sorted out a quick look at the pros and cons of the watch being used in education, let’s take a look at some use cases that you should know about. As you can see below, these are just basic ideas to get you thinking of using the device in and around the classroom. If the watch scares you a bit and feels a bit Big Brother-y, you’re not alone. Be sure to have realistic privacy policies in place before you ever try to use the watch in education.

Use It In Gym Class

Want to help get students off their bums and on the move? Use the fitness tracker and workout apps coupled with the fitness bands for the watch. See how many steps various students take in a typical gym class or on a field trip!

Use It In Health and Science Class

Think your students are paying attention when you talk about the importance of health and biology? What if you (as a teacher, let’s say) could illustrate how the heart works by having your students examine their own heart-rate? Try out some of the health-related apps that Apple has built (and others are currently building) for the watch.

Use It For Quizzes

Next time there’s a test or quiz in the classroom, you can have your own personal timer to glance at. There are a slew of quiz-related apps that you can integrate into your Apple Watch. For example, you can monitor your heart-rate while keeping track of the time left on your quiz. Whether that’s adding stress or saving you time remains to be seen.

Weigh In.

What do you think of the Apple Watch in education? Will it actually be used in education? What other ways can it be leveraged? Share your thoughts by mentioning @DailyGenius or down in the comments of this post!

Written by Jeff Dunn

Jeff is an education and technology lover who has worked in far too many industries to count. Okay, like maybe 5 or 6. Jeff can indeed count that high but it’s not recommended. Jeff also likes to write bios in the third-person.

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