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Are you addicted to your phone? There’s an app for that

Are you addicted to your phone? There’s an app for that

These days, we seem to be plugged in pretty constantly. If  you’re not, there’s usually a question hanging overhead – WHY? This usually comes along with a hefty expectation that you should be replying to emails and phone calls at all hours simply because your smartphone gives you the ability to do so. And while some folks take a ‘digital detox‘ when they go on vacation and look for Points of Interest Orlando to clear their mind, the constant use comes back into play as soon as the holiday ends.

For many people, using a smartphone regularly throughout the day isn’t a choice, it is a necessary part of the work day. But no matter how connected you need to be, constant connection is never a must. So how do you curb that addiction to your phone?

If you want to curb the addiction to your phone but don’t know where to start, the folks at Checky are offering you a (virtual) hand. There’s definitely some irony in the fact you’ll be downloading an app in order to help you see what your smartphone use statistics look like, but the idea is good. Think of it like weighing yourself when you’re trying to lose weight. If you don’t weigh yourself, the reality of that number you don’t want to see is much less real. But if you do weigh yourself, even periodically, you have a reminder of the progress you’ve made and the progress you still need to make.

After downloading the (free) app, it will tell you how many times you check your phone per day. It is a really simple concept, based on the idea that awareness will help encourage you to change your behavior. For example, if you use the app for a few days and find that you check your phone around 150 times per day on average, you can set a goal to only check it 110 times per day. Or eventually, under 100 times per day. The app also encourages you to share your stats on social media for some friendly encouragement/competition (more commonly/accurately known as social shaming, perhaps?).

Checky is made by Calm, a company that makes an app called – you guessed it – Calm, which aims to help you meditate, relax, or just quiet down your mind for a bit.



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