9 great back school activities

9 Great Back-to-School Activities

Though some students have been back to school for as long as a month now, this week and next mark the true end of summer and last wave of back-to-school days for many students across the US. With teachers trying to get their classrooms in order and learn about their students, and students trying to keep their schedules, classes, and first homework of the year straight, there’s a lot of “figuring stuff out” happening.

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To help keep things running smoothly, we’re sharing one of our most popular graphics: a few great back-to-school activities to help you get to know your students. Through these fun, easy activities, you’ll get to know your students and they’ll learn about one another, too.What do you do in your classroom to help your students get to know one another (and you!) and to foster a community environment? Share your favorites with the Daily Genius community by leaving a comment or by mentioning @DailyGenius on Twitter – we’ll retweet it and share your ideas!

Great back-to-school activities to get to know your students

  • The silent line- a silent challenge to promote group dynamics
  • Ready, set, group- a grouping and re-grouping activity to help students find common ground
  • Toss the name ball – an active variation on the name game that helps with memory
  • Cross if you… – a simple activity for any age that helps groups make connections among individuals
  • Snowball fight – a fun game that helps students express their hopes, fears, goals, etc
  • Truth vs. lie -a 3 sentence way to have your group get to know a bit about one another
  • Foodie friends – a fun, easy variation of a basic name game to get everyone’s name out there to remember!
  • A poem about me – a 5-7 line poem with each line’s subject delineated by the teacher. Instructions/subjects can vary by class and age group – unlimited possibilities!

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