5 things steve jobs didnt want apple to do but they did anyway


5 things Steve Jobs didn’t want Apple to do (but they did anyway)

This is a fascinating video that I’m surprised I hadn’t seen before. It walks you – quite quickly – through a handful of things that Steve Jobs said would never happen at Apple. For example, the massive iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that we all know today were sizes that Jobs did not want to see. But competitive pressure from the likes of Samsung and other ‘phablet’ makers made Apple rethink this decision.

It turned out to be one of the better decisions since the passing of Jobs. Tim Cook and his team unveiled the newest iPhone and it’s turned Apple into a $700 billion company. That’s the highest-valued company around the world right now.

So this made me think: what would have happened if Jobs actually approved the larger phones years ago? Would they be as big a hit now? Would Samsung have focused so much time, attention, and marketing on the larger phones?

See below for a look at the side-by-side comparison of smartphone sizes between the two major players in the market. It’s no coincidence they’re basically the same size:

We will never know – but this video will likely give you pause to ponder what would have happened if either Steve Jobs hadn’t sadly passed away or if he had never issued the 5 decisions outlined in this video.

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Thanks so much for watching – hope this video made you think about your legacy, future, and past. That’s probably a bit much but it hopefully at least made you think about what Apple might look like today if Steve Jobs were still in charge.

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