5 free pdf jpg converters anyone can use


5 Free PDF to JPG Converters That Anyone Can Use

Work has changed. The time of typewriters, fax machines, and rotary telephones is long gone. A digital trend is omnipresent and has overtaken the world by storm.

With us having such an inventive mindset, new and interesting tools are being developed daily. This can be seen specifically in the way we manage our documents, where the usage of paper has dropped down to zero and almost everything is being stored on our computers.

Those files are mostly in PDF, since it is a universal type for viewing information across all platforms and devices. To this day, PDF is one of the most popular ways of sharing important information between people and their businesses.

Yet, it’s quite common nowadays to be in a situation where you have to use a section of the PDF file. For example, if you want to grab some images or graphs from an existing PDF and place them into your own PowerPoint presentation, you are unable to do so, as the PDF is not editable.

Unless you buy an expensive PDF editing program, you cannot copy and paste images from PDF documents. That is why certain companies have created simple tools that address this particular issue.

So, without any further ado, here are the 5 best PDF to JPG converters that are accurate, simple to use and free:

PDF to JPG Converter by Investintech

This cool, little web tool is currently the best PDF to JPG converter on the market, and for a reason. It blows the competition out of the water by having the perfect balance between conversion quality and speed.

Most importantly, it is completely free, without any hidden costs. That means that you can use it constantly without worrying that someone might take away your access or charge you for it.

There are no ads, no limits to the file size and you can access it from all three popular OS — Windows, Mac and Linux.

DocsZone Online Converter

Like Investintech, DocsZone also has an accurate converter in place, but their tool also has the ability to convert multiple files at once, which can be an added bonus.

However, their service lacks conversion accuracy in order to be called premium, but it’s also completely free without additional costs. The upside to using this service lies in the fact that they have a bunch of different tools on their website, like PDF merging and PDF creation.


PDF to Image is another relatively popular online tool, that provides users with a complete PDF toolkit on their disposal.

The entire service is streamlined and efficient, allowing batch conversion and accurate PDF to JPG transformation. The only downside is that there are ads, which, even though they’re not too intrusive, kind of worsen the entire experience.


PDFAid is a slightly less popular service, even though it offers an interesting feature — you can choose between 4 different image formats and not just JPG.

This is useful if you’re using that PDF for your blog or website presentation. Just upload your file, convert it to PNG and you’re good to go. Like it’s predecessor PDFAid also has ads but the entire service is free and it delivers your converted image files in a neatly packed zip file.


SmallPDF has gained massive popularity in the beginning of 2016 and they have remained there ever since, due to their conversion accuracy and a fun, intuitive user experience.

Even though they are probably the best when it comes to the user base, SmallPDF has several limitations that you should know about before using their tool. With their free plan you can convert up to 2 files in one hour, which is more than enough for occasional conversions. If you, however, need to use it a bit often, you can sign up for their premium membership which goes at around $3 a month.

In the end, you should know that nothing is perfect and that 100% quality comes with a 100% price. For those occasional PDF to JPG conversions, Investintech’s PDF to JPG tool will do just fine. For batch, it’s best to use something like PDFtoImage and, for power users, the way to go is with SmallPDF.

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