20 best apps writing ipad

20+ top iPad apps for writers

Here’s a terrific list of the best apps for writing on your iPad that is going to be of some great use for students of just about any age. Whether you’re in primary school or attending a university, you need to have a better way to take notes and jot down ideas than your standard notebook.

That’s where the Apple iPad comes in. Until now, it’s mostly been used in schools and for education for consumption. By this I simply mean you use it to consume media whether it be audio, video, or other visual learning aids.

It’s time to turn the table on your iPad and start using it to do some proper writing. This is a great set of tools that online students will especially benefit from. Use these note-taking apps (most are free) while taking an online course so you can have a full-screen video of your teacher / online classroom but use the iPad as a second-screen note-taking device. Sync everything up with iCloud or Evernote and your notes will be instantly available as soon as your course is over. What’s better than that?

Did this list not include your favorite writing app? Share it with the Online Learning Guide team of writers anytime because we’re always on the lookout for exciting new tools that will make our life easier and help us get our ideas down a bit better. Want to connect and keep learning? Follow @dailygenius on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

iPad Apps For Writing and Nanowrimo

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Written by Jeff Dunn

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