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    Do you have ‘text neck’? And five ways to deal with it if you do…

    By definition, you are reading this on an electronic device. More than likely a tablet or a phone. And if that’s the case, then it’s more than likely that you’re hunched over a little, head forward. Did you just sit up straighter? Thought so… The noises from medical researchers are increasingly shrill on the damage […]

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    So you’re in pain. Should you ice it, or heat it?

    I see many patients where treatment can set them on their way to recovery, but some self-management of their symptoms would be beneficial. Sometimes that involves painkillers, but masking the pain can lead to people performing the sort of actions which will make things worse, without noticing so much. Often, it involves me saying ‘you […]

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    Desk exercises to help you survive the office

    We’re becoming a sedentary bunch. Even with increased flexible working practices, too many of us spend too long sitting at a desk working. Few of us seem to have physical work these days and while repetitious or hard physical work can create problems of its own, our lack of regular activity can lead to long-term […]

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    Do you have digital eyestrain? And what to do if you have

    Can you read this properly? Without headaches, difficulty in focussing and the feeling that somewhere along the line, your eyesight is slowly fading? The ubiquity of screens, and the increasing reliance on small screens isn’t without its impact on your health https://dailygenius.com/workstation-give-back-pain/ and you can take precautions for the obvious physical outcomes https://dailygenius.com/sitting-properly-can-literally-hurt-heres-fix/ but eight […]

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    How wearable tech is transforming health and fitness

    The fact that there’s a Smart Bra specifically to measure breast perspiration makes me think that the tech industry is still over-dominated by men, but that aside wearable tech is starting to have a significant impact on health and fitness. The fact that the big companies are moving in shows that they expect it to […]

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    How to burn calories through walking

    If there’s an under-rated exercise, it’s walking. Any physical activity can give a wide range of health benefits, and sport is the obvious choice. But for those for whom vigorous activity proves to be little more than a method of collecting sports-related injuries, then walking – asa agentler pastime – is perfect. Effective and easily […]

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