11 smartphone tips save battery take better photos

11 smartphone tips to save battery, take better photos, and more

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Smartphones outnumber humans. There may very well be more than one smartphone in your home right this second. In order to get the most out of your mobile device, here are just a few of our favorite tips and tricks that will hopefully save you time, some battery life, and storage space on your coveted phone.

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You most likely follow some of the advice below but hopefully there are a handful of new ideas that you can use and share with all the other smartphone lovers out there.

  1. Make your phone a wireless hot-spot. The new iOS makes it very easy (it’s also easy on Android) and your mobile carrier should have a guide on doing it for any device.
  2. Create folders of your lesser-used apps. Use a full screen to house your most-used apps. A ‘reading’ page, for example can save time.
  3. Use your fingers! Learn what happens when you use 2, 3, or even 4 fingers at the same time on your phone. Hint: time-saving shortcuts!
  4. Unplug your phone charger when not using it. It’s always a good idea to do this with all your gadgets and their respective chargers.
  5. Save your battery by keeping your screen brightness down. Even when in daylight, you don’t always need it to be as bright as it can be.
  6. Monitor which apps use the most of your juice by downloading apps like ‘Battery Saver‘ which shows which ones should stay and which should go.
  7. Back up all your photos with Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, or iCloud to stop clogging your phone’s memory. It’ll run faster with less to look through!
  8. Ditch the built-in mail app on your phone and try out Mailbox, Dolphin (Android), Outlook, or even the Gmail app. All are feature-packed!
  9. Save space and money by using a music-streaming service like Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music All Access, iTunes Radio, and more.
  10. Manage the apps running in the background. They’re memory and battery hogs. You don’t need Bejeweled always on and ready. Seriously.
  11. Want to become a phone-photo master? Don’t use digital zoom, take pics on cloudy days, find simpler backgrounds, and do more impromptu shots!

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