10 reasons teachers do not use education technology

10 reasons teachers do NOT use education technology

There are plenty of reasons teachers do not use education technology. It’s expensive. It’s hard to always find a reason to implement edtech into a particular lesson. That’s all true and valid, really.

But what are the other big reasons that teachers don’t use technology in the classroom? We did a little digging through surveys, social media, blogs, reports, and the Daily Genius community to uncover the top 10 reasons that edtech is getting passed over. The results might (or might not) surprise you.

Long Story Short: There’s No One Single Reason.

There’s a host of reasons edtech is getting utilized. Sure, it’s not a replacement for a lesson, a teacher, or an entire course. It’s meant to be a tool within a teacher’s toolkit. But what about using technology when it could actually do some good? Like for doing some classroom-to-classroom Skype chats? Or a virtual field trip? There are some genuinely engaging ways to implement edtech without getting overwhelmed.

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But that’s what we talk about on Daily Genius most of the time. We share ways to actually use education technology, how others are using it, etc.

We don’t usually cover why many teachers do NOT use education technology and that’s a shame. So we’re proud to share a hopefully useful visual that touches on the biggest reasons you’re saying edtech isn’t happening in your classroom, school, or online course.

What Are Your Biggest EdTech Obstacles?

The visual below was made using data from USA Today, CNN, Huffington Post, various blogs, social media outreach (using @DailyGenius on Twitter) and by polling colleagues and friends. It’s not perfect and is entirely subjective.

So share your thoughts – what are the reasons you do NOT use education technology? If you do use it, what were the biggest obstacles you faced? Share them in the comments or with the Daily Genius community by mentioning @DailyGenius on Twitter or sharing your insight on the Daily Genius Facebook page!

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Written by Jeff Dunn

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