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  • Two ways to make your friends more interesting on Facebook

    Going to Facebook can be a demoralising experience. Who are these people? Why are they posting such nonsense? The sad fact is, they are your friends and they put that stuff there because they think people, including you, will like it. But while it may be too late to change your friends, you can at […]

  • spacex logo wallpaper

    The incredible story of SpaceX rockets in under 5 minutes

    The story of SpaceX is filled with huge risks and even bigger rewards. The space exploration company is destined to potentially become one of the most innovative companies ever. In fact, they’re already rocketing up to the top of that list as you read this. Yes, I included the term ‘rocketing’ intentionally. See what I […]

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  • nasa spacex crs8 launch patch

    Space travel for all: live from the SpaceX CRS-8 launch

    Remember that time you wanted to be an astronaut? Many students of many ages want to be one and we’re getting closer and closer to making that dream a reality. That’s because private companies like California-based SpaceX are developing all-new ways to make space travel a more reasonable undertaking than ever before. What’s that mean? […]