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Sadly, this is probably your Kickstarter experience too.


Sadly, this is probably your Kickstarter experience too.

Do you love paying a bunch of money in exchange for a slew of enthusiastic emails? Who wouldn’t?!

Kickstarter is a great idea. It’s spawned many copycats and even turned into a powerful meme creator. But there comes a moment when a popular product jumps the shark. That moment is coming, it seems.

Thanks to the below comic from The Oatmeal, the biggest problem with Kickstarter is the lofty promises and lack of follow-through. Now this isn’t for lack of effort, mind you. A few of the Daily Genius writers have pledged quite a bit of money to various projects over the last year or two. What did they get for that pledge? Dozens of enthusiastic emails about progress and a half-finished product that wasn’t even what was ordered.

What’s your Kickstarter experience been? Is this comic accurate for you? It hit home for the Daily Genius team. Share your thoughts with us on our newly spiffed-up Twitter account @dailygenius – see you there!

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